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Anonymous Survey for Sellers

Endless poles, if anyone is bored to death on this Saturday night! :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As sellers, most of you buy - at least occasionally, put on your buyer’s :tophat: or :womans_hat: & let me know how you perceive these (or you think other buyers perceive it):

Most important factor for a buyer:

  • Reviews, of course
  • Gig descriptions
  • Gig picture
  • Profile picture
  • Profile description
  • Education/Skills/Certification
  • Something else

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Buyers are more concerned about the sellers:

  • Seller’s location
  • Seller’s portfolio
  • Seller’s reviews
  • Seller’s level
  • Something else

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The Review System Needs to be:

  • Leave as it is now
  • Revised to let seller’s see the review left, first
  • Just get rid of the darn thing, it’s useless
  • Something else

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I like it when the buyer’s

  • Fills out the requirement immediately and clearly
  • Leaves me a big gratuity, as it shows they appreciate my work
  • Gives me an awesome review that clearly tells what I did for them
  • When buyer’s responds to my inquiries on the gig they bought, so that it doesn’t lead to cancellations

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The thing that I dislike the most about (some) buyers,

  • Order without contacting me
  • Inbox me with endless questions, but never orders
  • Doesn’t reply to my inquiries until the last minute
  • Ask for cancellation after the delivery
  • Won’t review the awesome work that I over-delivered
  • Something else

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Buyer’s trust and impact to buy a gig is based

  • 5r vetted Top Rated Seller Badge
  • 5r vetted Pro Verified Badge
  • Rising Star Badge
  • Any gig on first page
  • Something else

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I think reseller’s are

  • Gaming the system & shouldn’t be allowed
  • Are my biggest clients
  • Are a pain & I refuse to work with them

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The thing I hate the most about 5r is when

  • Another seller copies my gig
  • The reseller makes more than me
  • The seller that stole my gig has a bigger queue than me
  • Inability to cancel the order without affecting my cancellation rating
  • Something else

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I know it’s supposed to be anonymous, Gina, but the truth is , most of those questions have more than one answer - as a buyer I look at portfolio, reviews and gig description, for example …


I figured as much, but I was curious to see how seller’s viewed as the most important thru the buyer’s eyes.

I am kinda surprised at the results on several.


It might be that since we have so many new sellers on the forum and answering the polls, some of the answers are different than they would be otherwise.

I love these polls and they open up some interesting questions. Great idea to do these Gina.

I thought reviews would be the overwhelming winners in the first two.


I’m surprised at how many sellers want to be contacted first. :astonished: That one is surprising for me.

I’m also shocked at the feeling towards resellers. I knew there were few that just didn’t like them but so far over 50% don’t like to work with them.

Well when the poll closes, we’ll see what the final # is. Of course, only a fraction are voting so it’s really not an accurate representation.


I think that may in part be due to there not being an option “I’m fine with sensible resellers” or similar.

Resellers often are the people who
click the revision button without any revision instructions (and with maybe not even needing a revision finally) and
take forever to pass on those instructions from the end client,
the people who couldn’t clearly brief you to start with,
the people who never leave a review,
who message you on Sunday, 4am and tell you to send an offer for something urgent, then never reply back once you sent that offer at 5am, and don’t even say ‘sorry, found someone else’, so you won’t have to worry whether or not you need to schedule that order or no and you’ll only hear from them again when they want another offer for something super urgent, people who are your competitors on another account, even people who are your competitors on that same account plus other accounts plus stole your profile and gig description (though the latter hopefully is a rare exception … ) etc.

However, I bet you’d find a lot of sellers who don’t mind working with decent resellers who know at least a bit about the actual matter of the order and behave in a somewhat normal way in interaction with another living human being you might want a work relationship with.


Good point. I forgot to add “something else.” :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:

I was hoping those that did choose “something else” options in other categories would elaborate what else. :no_mouth:


Well, the above is what I would have elaborated if there had been an “something else” option for that question, so there’s one already. Let me see if I can elaborate for where I voted “something else” …

Ah, right, some of those were due to what @coerdelion said, I had to vote “something else” because there was no clear “winner” in those categories, would have had to be multiple choice for me to be able to vote.

“The thing that I dislike the most about (some) buyers”: There are things I dislike more than the given option, like plain rudeness, or people who seem set on buying and ask you to send an actual offer and then never accept nor reject nor nothing, so you’re left wondering whether they’ll accept that offer later and you need to figure it into your schedule or not, … there probably are more things I can’t think of right now.

“Buyer’s trust and impact to buy a gig is based”
That’s a bit complex. Buyers who only want to buy a pro gig, of course, are influenced by the pro badge, buyers who are set on buying a TRS gig, will be influenced by the TRS badge, so what to click there, those are definitely both true :smiley: and, again, most probably not the only or not even decisive things for many buyers. Say you want a TRS gig because you trust those more but see a gig from a level 1 seller next to it and it “speaks more to you”, you click both gigs and might go with the level 1 seller’s gig in the end, … “Gig on first page” is probably a big factor for many buyers but not for all, …

I think most “something else” votes are because it would be combinations of the given options (plus perhaps some other factors).


How would you distinguish between a sensible reseller vs others? :thinking: Wouldn’t you have to work with them a few times to see what they’re like?

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Once can be enough. If they’re able to give clear instructions, don’t keep changing instructions over and over again, and don’t use the revision button to extend the review time (because they’re waiting for response from their client), they’re in the ‘reasonable’ category.


Well, things like I wrote above. Sometimes, at least once, yes. Sometimes you know right away. If I happen to recognize the profile pic/username, for instance, as a competitor who stole and used my bio, plus some other things I don’t want to go into, I know right away that I don’t want to work with them.


The problem is that reselling is now an industry similar in scope to dropshiping and the majority of people doing it have the IQ of a dog turd and the general civility of Gordon Ramsay.


Very good points.

When a message doesn’t start with as much as a “Hi” or anything the like, for example, it’s not a good omen.