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Anonymous Third Party Complaint Denies Gig

Have you received a notice about alleged “copyright infringement” but have no clue what was claimed to be infringed or by whom?

Here’s the notice:

Third party TOS violation - Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use.

My tiny rant here is that typically, with a copyright infringement, you are given the report to determine what was infringed and who claimed copyright. We all know that a fraudulent copyright (or “copyfraud”) claims can be argued, unless we aren’t given the ammunition to do so, which is odd.

Second Part of Notice:

As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers.

Ummmm… this is a face-palm if you will. It appears my gig, and my work, has already been judged yet… there is no report, no conference and no way to know who or what was infringed, if at all.

It’s as if your mum punished you for something she heard you did, doesn’t tell you what she heard, then proceeds to tell you to never, ever, do it again…

It would be nice to receive the infringement report someone created, as well to at least place a response before Fiverr automagically denies the gig.

A well known gig of mine, one that is quite old and is 5 star rated across the board. All images for the gig were created by me and the video I use on YouTube has no copyright strikes (and was made by me) - so not sure about the alleged copyright infringement?

I have submitted a ticket to customer support to discover what is what. I’m not sure what is occurring but hope to find out more from CS. When I do I will post the info here as I see others have similar questions but there was no real follow through.

Wanna know what the gig was? I add your website link to my YouTube video description. That’s it… so, copyright infringed… how? :confounded: … more to come…

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I can understand just how you feel because I have been there. My bestselling gig was recently removed after having been denied numerous times in the past, reason being that the gig editors or whoever felt it was in the wrong Category.

After CS told me there was no way the gig could be restored, I moved on, created a new gig; but it too automatically got removed for this same obscure “copyright infringement” issue. No further explanations, nothing at all; just the standard notice.

Who else thinks something funny is going on here?


Initial response from Fiverr CS was to merge both tickets, which now forces me to open another ticket as both gigs are extremely different.
CS stated that denied Gig#2 (which is to add your website link to my YouTube video description) violates YouTube’s Terms of Service, therefore, violates Fiverr TOS. I checked with my YT rep (yes, with 514k subs on my channel I have one) and she stated there was no such wording in the YouTube TOS and that placing links within a video is standard practice among YT’ers.

Still waiting to hear back about my other gig which was denied. That gig simply altered the backend of my Fiverr clients images (5 images) and added a title, subtitle, latitude/longitude (to match a local business location), URL, keywords, date, Author, Copyright etc. Still not sure why this gig was shut down for copyright violation… impossible to do so when I’m using client images…

UPDATE: My YouTube gig was re-instated. No word yet of who filed a fraudulent report… hope to find out. Cheers to Joe in CS for helping get this gig back online

Was informed why my gig was taken down and marked with a copyright infringement notice:

Hi marketman: It seems there was a misunderstanding regarding the service you were selling, rather than a complaint from someone. Our Trust & Safety team thought the service you provided did something against Youtube’s rules. After another review, the Gig was reinstated. Apologies for the error.

It would have been more than ideal for the Trust and Safety team to simply send me a message and ask me about the gig if they had questions… I was down for almost 3 weeks. . . just sayin… need more :beer:


Along with a misinformed, rude customer who brought my rating down a few weeks back, I created a new gig and received a notice of Third Party TOS violation or whatever. I am not sure what is going on with Fiverr, but I am going my own way instead of using their platform anymore. There is funny business going on here and I can do incredibly better. You can too.

Heard that , this place isn’t for doing real business anymore .It used to be great. Too many customers are getting upset and too many sellers are also closing shop. Just been putting my eggs in different baskets. All you can do.

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