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Another Account on Fiverr

I want to make another account on Fiverr and use it but I do not know that what is the process and how to take permission from Fiverr Management?
Can you please guide me in this regard?

I hope you can’t use another fiverr account. By the way you can use one account and sell your services perfectly.

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service (when you signed up, you had to check the box stating that you have read the terms and that you’re agreeing to them).

If you create another account, both of your accounts (and any account you create at a later time) will be banned.


@catwriter, this is the second topic I read about the same thing. :grimacing:

Is there something going on that we all don’t know? :thinking:

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Could it be the same nonsense course teaching them to start nonsense topics on the forum?


Yeah, I think you’re right. Hope these people could read you words and understand how they’re being fooled and/or even scammed.


The trouble is, they’re not reading at all, just blindly following the wrong advice they’ve been given.