ANOTHER Added Notification?


I work up this morning to another updated to include an additional notification to alert you when an order is within 12 hours of delivery. Why? I’m still salty about the reminder notification to let buyers know we received the order, but I’ve been dealing. Now we have to deal with another notification? I have multiple orders that are due on any given day, I honestly don’t need or want to deal with constant alerts as I’m working.

If you’re going to add all these changes, at least give us the option to turn it off. I know you’re trying to help new people, but as a veteran, it’s not something I need whatsoever. I don’t need handholding when it comes to running my business.

They might just be beta testing it across a small platform before rollout. Not sure is anyone else has seen this?

Can ya’ll just stop with these stupid updates and address the longstanding issues you have with your website? Thanks :kissing_heart:


I mean there are options in Fiverr settings to customize your notifications and alerts right? But, yeah, you are right… It wouldn’t hurt to have better customization of settings so that we can turn off specific types of notifications from popping up.


Actually, they are helpful to me, sometimes I forget about orders.


They have options to adjust email notifications, but none on the website I’ve seen. I don’t mind them adding the options as long as I can have the option to turn it off. All I really want is to be notified of a new order, revisions and messages. I’m good on everything else.


That’s great! I’m sure it definitely is good for some - it’s definitely a hard pass for me.


Didn’t realize this topic was already started before I started a similar one!

I think the annoyance level increases depending on the number of orders in queue - which would obviously mean you have more notifications.

I agree! Maybe the developers could include an option to allow or disallow certain types of notifications - at the users’s discretion.


better customization of notifications would rock!


You know what would be cool? Just a countdown constantly going on your phone to your next ‘thing’ on fiverr.


Ah totally agree!! I was just going on here to see if anyone had any answers to this. Super annoying. They already gave that option for each individual order, but to have it as default is really unnecessary! I hope they change this soon, because I’m pretty annoyed with them as well!