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Another blackmailing buyer


I started a project about 7 weeks ago. The project was to reskin a game. 1 week’s work.

I completed the reskin. (reskin means changing all assets). Then while playing the game the buyer realised he wants to add more features and he asked me to add them. I politely told him that I can do it as part of a separate order as the requirements for current order were complete. I even sent him a custom offer.

Since then, he just stopped replying. When order is near automatic completion he comes and “requests revisions” without telling me what to revise. I re-deliver the work and then 2 days later he “requests revisions” again. this has happened 6 or 7 times.

I contacted fiverr support. Their response is “we can’t forcedly complete an order, you should discuss with buyer”. What am i to do now?

I am quite surprised at Fiverr support. In the project description there are 5 bullet points written clearly and i have delivered those. Now buyer is requesting a 6th point which was never mentioned before. Why can’t support see that?

This has been made so easy for buyers. they take the work and then say “i’m not satisfied” and they end up paying nothing. This guy has wasted more than a month of my time and i am quite depressed because of his behaviour now.


Whatever you do put something in the delievery when you respond. I had a similar issue where the buyer wanted a refund even though I completed the work. They would put the refund request in a revision and I would say no and reject. Not only did CS give the buyer back their money but I got hit with a TOS violation. CS is always on the buyer’s side.


yes this is the most irritating thing of fiverr that fiverr giving more priority of buyers and they are misusing this with us. they just take the advantage from us based on our ranking system. because a bad review can fall our rank. other everything is awesome in fiverr.


I’ve been with the site for seven years. It used to be a lot more even but the balance of power has swayed to the buyers. I’m happy with 80% of my Fiverr experience but these bad days, and bad descisions by the CS team, can really be soul destroying.

Cause this buyer always was abusive and threatened me but CS still sided with them. Crazy.

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