Another Cancellation and Order completion% is descending


Hi Everyone. So another person placed a direct order without discussing ($5) and the script was in Uzbek language. Believe me I don’t even know which part of the world speak this language. (and that’s the reason I want a barrier in placing an order)

Okay so moving on, I sent a cancellation request that I cant do it. Not because I don’t understand the language because due to the new update, i was hesitant to cancel the order. I was going to use google translate ( although later he provided the English translation as well) But I do went for cancellation because the software that I use was not supported for Uzbek language. He declined the offer and I sent it again. At the end, the order was mutually cancelled. and Voila, the order completion % is now 94%. This is simply ridiculous. I need this to be changed. Is it our fault that the buyers want something that we don’t offer or the buyer don’t read the description.

Orders Completed Without Cancellations

How dare you cancel!!!
If you do not know, then LEARN UZBEK, or go visit UZBEKISTAN. I know it is close to you! :rolling_eyes:


I knew it was my mistake, i am so dumb. I know nothing. I should die. :disappointed_relieved:


Ok now, don’t get so mellow. Here have a :lollipop:


Borat is Kazakhstan. Although that village scene in the film was filmed in Romania, which I thought was very ac–[Snip! That’s enough–Ed]


Borat is Kazakh, I know, but both the countries in question ends with “STAN”, so same difference… :smile:

Why your seller delivered early

My world domination map has a blue copy and paste Kyrgyzstan on it, you know. One rug seller with a website from the Unspellable Kingdom wished me to write copy for him. Sorry, off topic!

Anyway, the new cancellation metric is very annoying (I’m at 95% after years of 99% for some reason), but it’s not really all that important. Although after years of being told that mutual cancellations were not recorded at all it does rather give the lie to that line. And yes, I am aware that it would be recorded anyway because computers, but I’m talking about CS canned responses. But you know, it’s “just for us to keep track of our progress” or something. Either way, whatever, it can join my response rate as being entirely someone else’s fault and buggy.

My 5%, incidentally, is all “I don’t read gigs before I order” as well. It would be nice if buyers had metrics that scolded them for their actions too, but I realize this is something that only exists in a parallel universe.


So it means at the end the result is " we can’t do anything, just ignore", Right???


I really believe that the cancellation rate will not affect your sales as long as it’s not very low.


Don’t worry, I’m sure Fiverr has another update in the works that will incense everyone soon and then we can forget about this :smiley:


If it is going like this, i am sure i am not too far from 40%.


@emmaki Agreed! :+1:


I hope its not something like “fools paradise”…


Why are we so obsessed with 100%/perfect 5 star scores?

The completion rate is only for you. Use it if you want to, ignore it otherwise. Mine’s at 87% and it’s because if people order directly I’m more likely to cancel than deal with an awkward buyer who can’t read a gig description.

I don’t care. I understand why it’s at 87% and I actually like that it tells me that, and I like that it includes mutual cancellations otherwise it’d be useless to me. I’m going to change my gigs so that less people order directly, I’m going to make the description clearer about what is and isn’t included in the gig. It will never get to 100%, but as stated before, I don’t care. It’s a useful metric with no material effect on my orders that I have been able to see.


Yes you are right. But the problem is, it evetually have an impact on your gig and the placement of gig in the search result which will impact your sales and that is something at least I care about.


You don’t know that. Where are you getting your information because the Fiverr staff say otherwise and the search algorithm has so many different criteria that there’s no way you can know that this is a ‘secret’ criteria.


it’s a proposed CONSPIRACY.:bomb:


Fiverr Academy.

Why is my Order Completion Rate important?
Keeping a strong Order Completion rate is important because completing as many orders as possible is the way to gain revenue, build relationships with buyers, and grow your business. It is one way for you to track the quality of the service you’re providing on Fiverr, and can also be a factor that influences your Gig’s position in search rankings.


Hmm. Okay, I can see it requires more investigation. goes off to investigate


To be completely honest, it might be better to focus more on delivering quality, consistent work, then getting all worked up about the little statistical details on your Analytics page. I agree with @capitalquality, the order completion rate is likely more for your own benchmarking, rather than a hard-and-fast penalty to the success of your gigs. Just deliver the orders that you are able to deliver, do so with professionalism and on time, be mindful of practical cancellation reason, and you really don’t have anything else to worry about.

Business is what it is. Do what you can, and the rest will work itself out on its own. :slight_smile: