Another cancellation due to buyer ignorance


Frustration is what i have. I have another buyer who leaves a message (when I tell them the 11 pics they want used and video extra they want are actually “EXTRA”. They ( someone on the buyers account) wrote back and said … The person was in the hospital and could i put the order on hold! I’m like? we can’t do that. There is a deadline and i repeatably kept writing back. I wrote the buyer back when they first ordered. No response. Then tried again yesterday. until this morning, when they asked about putting it on hold I contacted support who suggested I cancel the GIG for while…I’m like…HUH? I make money with that gig! THIS buyer is the issue. NOT my work or rating for all of my work. ANYHOO… the support person i was chatting with…said THERE is NOTHING they can do about cancellations…even if it is NOT the sellers. Cancellations are all “binary!”. My account was demoted a week ago and then reinstated… NOT because of my work…but because people for some reason… don’t understand…WE GET PENALIZED for their Stupidity! I even re wrote my GIGs to make it simpler for buyer to understand. So…i went ahead and asked to cancel the gig…and support did that. so i sit here waiting to see if I lose my TRS Standing on Fiverr. can anyone understand my frustration?


I think as the new year comes around the bend that we will see many new and benefical changes on the FIVERR website and as sellers we will be very pleased. Until then we just have to dig our heels in and do the very best we can with what we have.


This has NOTHING to do with Clarification! I posted a jpg of the dialogue…so you can see that i tried to correspond with the buyer. The POINT is, all of a sudden they were in the hospital. ( aka the dog ate my homework) . I spent a few days…trying to chat with the person. I am trying to recommend a way to help us… I’m not the only one that has these issues for sure. I have seen the HOW TOO videos…etc etc etc BLAH BLAH BLAH… and that will not stop people from being stupid and not reading! We need a safe measure in place …that just protects us from the Computer bot! and THAT is my point!


If it were me, I would wish the buyer well and tell them to get back to me within a few days. If they do not, I would mark the project as complete and tell them to message me to continue with the order (with the initial $5 now being used as credit)

The way I see it, this scenario ends in a couple of ways:

  1. The buyer doesn’t get back to you and you can use the $5 if they ever do in the future
  2. The buyer gets back to you and wants what you offer for $5
  3. The buyer gets back to you and wants the additional video (more $$ for you)
  4. The buyer cancels before you mark is as complete as it has gone late

    If it is option 4, you have clearly shown you have prioritized the buyer first and their requirements. If they cancel and the automatic negative is left, then that is unfair, and support should help you.

    It may end up as a mutual cancellation, but if that is the case, why not try alternative methods… anything that isn’t a cancellation in this case is a bonus.

    I also disagree with clarification not playing a role in this - if the buyer understood your listing completely, they would of submitted the correct $$ along with their requirement, and you could of completed this order whether they were in hospital or not


You’re right. This buyer is simply confused. Is having some “life happen” and doesn’t understand the situation.

Next time say, “Sure, no problem. When you come back and order the rest, you’ll have a $5 credit. See you then.” Set gig to delivered and move on.


I had an order go late yesterday and the buyer still hadn’t provided the URL for his site for me to complete (as requested). I marked it as complete and informed him about the credit etc.

The initial order was $15, he came back this morning, apologised thinking he had already replied, left positive feedback before I even submit the work and stuck a $5 extra on top.


I have a “higher” cancellation rate than you do Madmoon. Almost double… just shy of it.

And that’s because I put Guarantees on all my gigs.

So when I get someone who has had a bad day, I get to be the one they put the foot on.

And, frankly, that’s the way it is. Some people think “PR” is “Free Advertising” or that it’s ONLY (or even primarily) and SEO activity.

It’s always fun to me how two people can get the same service… One can sing it’s praises to the moon…the other can call you a “scammer” (at $5 mind you)


TwistedWeb, exactly.

We all let things get away from us. Most people are really really cool about it.

One thing I didn’t say, and this may not work for you all, I have some relevant PLR I purchased rights to and then modified for my needs, that I give away or offer when I need to set a gig as delivered.

Even for those of you who do amazing things with video and design… You can find some PLR that covers creative ways to use graphic arts. Or you can even put together a product that teaches/promotes your other gigs.

Moo, you could have a “video” on your set up for doing stop motion video… So that people learn to appreciate the time you put in.


Opps, I guess I had a moment of Lunacy there :slight_smile: LOL


No no, I meant a video of you ‘doing’ one. Not a video of one “done”.

One of the Gigs I ordered from Professor Puppet is this behind the scenes look at how he does his puppet videos. VERY impressive set up.

After seeing that I would never begrudge him a PENNY. Part of the deal when ordering is that I cannot share the video or else I would show you what I mean. Maybe you can ask him directly or just order it for a Fiverr?


PS Not at all “attacking you” or “questioning your sensitivity” only pointing out the trickiness of our language.

I do not use the word “Lame” or “blind” or “gay” to mean something bad, because those words describe real people… AND, also, all of us are “blind” in that we have scatomas or blind spots.

One of the challenges that exists in being a copywriter is knowing that “ANYTHING that can be misunderstood WILL BE”… That is, with an amazing system, we’ll still have cancellations because someone orders on impulse without “looking”.

PPS One of my friends on Fiverr is blind! She uses software called JAWS which reads the screen and navigates for her. She has a Web TV show called “Cooking without Looking” about nutritional cooking, but you also get to learn how blind people get around the kitchen :slight_smile:


Madmoo, yes that’s her :slight_smile:


When I next speak to her, I’ll let her know you said so :slight_smile: Thanks for your support!


Reply to @estergoldberg: You have a good point. It is the rare buyer for me that does not read the TOS of my gig. The most common issue is for 1 gig they want me to read some web site(s) data, write, edit and post a news article with Graphics. (My gig that gets this is to edit and post your already well written story).

I explain the difference, ask for a mutual cancel (always refused) and finally have to visit Fiverr CS. It would be great to have a more efficient means.


Hey guys, Just be careful with marking as delivered if not actually delivered. I used this method with my buyers that could’nt get the information to me on time till one of the buyers actually left a negative feedback stating that i was a fraudster then they had an admin cancel the gig. This left me in a bit of a pickle as 1. apparently the admin cannot remove the feedback without the buyers consent and 2. you cannot leave feedback yourself for any feedback on gigs that have been cancelled. It was on a 350+ feedback 100% rating gig too! Sad times!


Cancelations SUCK :


I hate this. I have to constantly remind buyers to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. My gig is for 100 words of audio unless they buy the gig extra. Then some buyers will send me at least a page of single spaced copy to read. I had one buyer who sent me a 10 page copy on CNC machines! Some people really think they can get insane amounts of work for just $5…


I’m LOLing at Cooking Without Looking… That is freakin genius!!!


Reply to adnagam: Seriously it is,I wish I could come up with quips like that


You know you are a seller on Fiverr when you find yourself thinking daily…

Did you read the description?

I have had to cancel for similar issues. One of my gigs is for a 4 x 6 postcard design, one side only for $5. I STATE CLEARLY that the cards will be for a simpler design at that price and that images, back side design and other items are extra. I seldom have this happen, but I do get orders where the customer has asked for ALL of the extras and are SHOCKED when I write back that they will need to buy additional gigs. In a couple of cases, they said no, give me my money back, which I am happy to do. Just bums me out that it affects my rating.


@estergoldber Oh this is funny(and year old) ! One page of dialogue between users and still this… I came to this thread looking for an understanding of buyer cancellations since I am in a similar predicament. Remember that participation is this forum is “recognized”. IMO first, if you agree mutually then there is no issue. Second, if you deliver the work as promised, you should be given the option whether to cancel or not. I think a buyer should also have some responsibility. Fiverr has carefully placed a “Contact Seller” button very conveniently below(or next to or near somewhere) a sellers gig or profile. With that being said, I will have to agree that yes, “This has NOTHING to do with Clarification”.

After spending a week preparing documents, the buyer is asking for a full refund. Two days after completion of the work, I get this message

"Showed the agreement to a legal friend and they said this had nothing in it of value. I’ve contacting Fiverr for a refund but they asked me to request cancellation from you first."

This brings me frustration and makes me ask;

1)What guarantees are in place to protect the Buyer from orders like this?

2)Has fiver considered partial refunds instead of this “all or nothing” routine we have going here?

3)What happens to the intellectual property that has been delivered? Should the buyer be required to return the delivered work?

I will not willingly refund a delivered or partially completed order. If Fiverr cancels it in favor of the customer and my ratings suffer, so be it. If they are not satisfied they can give a negative rating. Its not fair and some more control should be given to the seller but that’s just the way it is.

Will be interested in you posting an update to how this all turned out for you.

Happy Selling