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Another Cancellation Ratio Post

I’ve read many thread pertaining to Mutual cancellations and just don’t quite understand. I thought if both buyer and seller did mutual cancellation that I would not affect you. All my gigs I ask that buyers contact me prior to ordering and this one customer ordered a gig and wanted stated that he needed to interview me via Skype. I send email to CS with no response and only a few hrs remaining for me to deliver the gig. Buyer stated that he just realized that Skype is not allowed by Fiverr, I explained that it a violation of their TOS. Reading everyone’s post about CS being being slow when it comes to responding to emails. I went ahead and accepted the seller request for cancellation and BAMMMM my ratio just went up. Does anyone know if they are able to fix this? I’m not trying to sound like a cry baby but seriously fiverr… When this happens sellers should not be penalized

Yes when you go for mutual cancellation cancellation ratio rise but fiverr says that it will not affect to you. It is similar to that it never happened. But I don’t know why they shows cancellation ratio if it doesn’t have any effect.

That should be checked again as it has no sense.

I mean, I have a gig and I sell post on my fishing website. Some buyer link spammer will without reading order my gig and ask me to write about some escort agency and link to it. And I of course will ask for cancellation as I do not want to write about escort agency on my fishing blog. So if he does not reply I will suffer? For rejecting to write about escort agency on my fishing blog even if it is clearly written on my gig that I will only link to relevant website (fishing)?


You want to say that if I request a cancellation and buyer does not respond in 2 days that it will be counted against me ?

cancellation ratio is showed because it’s the truth, you DID cancel an order. And that is just simply math. It’s in your account page only and no one can see it but you.

Only if it’s showed on your gig and profile page, then it’s another story.

Reply to @m2webs: kjblynx did check again. She asked Fiverr CS and that’s what they told her. I agree that it makes no sense, but that’s how it is.

Though cancellation is mutual I can see there is an increase in cancellation ratio. When CS cancel the order due to some problems with buyer is it increase the cancellation ratio?