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Another chargeback!

Just woke up this morning to a negative 228 balance, order delivered and completed more than a month ago. I cant even contact the buyer.

What is fiverr doing to protect us from all these heartbreaking losses? I am so sad right now


I am so sorry to hear this. :disappointed_relieved: Did you contact CS?

I just contacted them…no reply yet

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It happened to me as well. 275 USD and my time invested down the drain. Buyer closed it’s profile and possibly filed a chargeback. And Fiverr is on HIS side! My notification said the order has been cancelled by MUTUAL AGREEMENT! Well, it’s not true, I never agreed to it.

Can you explain me Fiverr why are you doing this? You are collecting 20%, so as a seller I would expect some sort of protection, right?

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Fiverr support doesn’t help you this case. Because there is no solution their hand!

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