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Another completely unnecessary change

They moved the # of ratings and ‘orders in queue’ to the right side of the page under the ‘order now’ button.


It’s like they look for things to change that have no reason to be changed and no affect by changing it. Far right under the order button? Now the space where it was looks like something is missing.

I feel like I sign in to a new site every morning, and never know what to expect! lol

I’d say try focusing on the things that are broken like the SEARCH and FIXED POSITIONS W/ GIGS THAT DON’T SELL. IMO


So that’s where it is gone. I was looking for it and I thought my browser was glitching.
I don’t like this update but maybe eventually we will get used to it.
Remember when YouTube video description were on the right instead of the bottom of the video?

I think it’s a good change. Maybe buyers are more likely to see the number of orders in your queue before ordering seeing as they are closer together now. I’ve had a few instances where a buyer expects their work to be started straight away and I have to tell them they are in a queue!

I agree that its a new way for buyers to see a queue, but come on there are so many things that are important to be fixed here that are overlooked. I believe that change is not of importance now…

And…as usual, when they make these small unnecessary changes, the sales drop. It’s like clockwork.

One reason I can see for this change is so when we look at the ratings and queue, it reminds you to share your gigs to social networks as it’s right above the share buttons. Slick move IMO

Reply to @lunabea: ditto…I like it.

Reply to @lunabea: So now what to do with the completely empty space where it was??

Looks like something should be there, but there is nothing but white space. Not sure how you read things, but in America, we read from left to right, top to bottom. How does putting it on the far right help? I think putting it right next to the order button can deter purchases instead of inducing it. ‘Oh, I was gonna order, but they seem busy, maybe I’ll wait’…they won’t return.

As far as when customers expect an order, that’s why there is # of days to completion, it’s on every order and on every gig page.

Reply to @dtongsports: Absolutely nothing…I mean, there’s a blank space there when you have no orders or you have orders that are late. There’s already the category there and average delivery time and I suspect most buyers just see the title of the gig and click order right away, or scroll to the description and reviews, therefore bypassing the “orders in queue” which was smaller before.

Yes, people do read from left to right (it’s a phenomena I know), however the order button is also on the right. So a buyer might be put off by how many orders there are in a queue, but if they want your services, it’s worth the wait - and if they are desperate for a quick turnaround, they can go elsewhere or message you.

I get why some people don’t like this new change, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal, right?

Reply to @lunabea: We’ll let time decide that I suppose…