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Another day another CRAZY STORY


Hello, forum fellows. So, this will be more like a heads up for you guys, to learn from my experience rather than just another casual story. Here we go.

Two days ago my account was suspended for the 4th time in less than 3 months. I mean they just deleted the account while I had around 25 30 orders to be finished in that day (new orders, redelivers, stuff like this). Ok, so what was the reason for the account suspension you may ask. The answer is simple: multiple accounts created. Like what? So, in the end, we figured out with the help of customer support (Thank you Customer Support!!) what was the exact issue regarding this entire situation.

My girlfriend lives with me and she has also a Fiverr account and guess what, she is also providing Logo Design Services. Anyhow she had only 30 reviews on her account and it wasn’t such of a big deal but for this reason, my account was deleted. I did manage to avoid this entire situation and my account was restored because long time ago, before my girlfriend to actually create this account I’ve started a ticket to the customer support searching for an answer regarding this, if we are able or unable to have two fiverr accounts in the same house, working on the same IP. The answer from that time was a definitely YES, but meanwhile, the rules had changed and we weren’t informed about that.

So from now on, as an update for you guys, you can’t own 2 accounts (it doesn’t matter you are 2 different persons that are living under the same roof) if you provide same services. That means you can only have 2 accounts working under the same IP if you provide for example Logo design on one account and SEO or whatever another service on the 2nd one. If you did find this article helpful please like it to show your support.



Did you both use the same Paypal account? Or the same place to withdraw funds?


Hi David,
Good to see you again.

IP address between 2 devices is NEVER the same, unless you restart your ROUTER and then those 2 devices join at different times.

Another thing which can never be same is the device MAC address. That is hard-coded into the lan port and wifi card of your pc/laptop.

So always ensure that you mention these to Customer Support to verify.

So my question would be, did she utilize YOUR workstation to login to her account?

Then that will definitely be flagged as multiple accounts from same IP.

Also, if both of you have 2 workstations, you can assign IP address from your Router to make it STATIC for both your devices. To ensure, the IP address don’t switch.

You should ALWAYS contact Fiverr support to confirm any confusion/questions that you may have regarding dual accounts.

Using same internet connection

Absolutely not. I am using Payoneer and she is using Paypal and the place also is different.


@djgodknows thank you for your answer, it was really helpful! Yes, from time to time she was checking her account from my pc, I think that was the problem right?


@djgodknows Please see the conversation attached, between me and the customer support

And as they stated clearly it actually do matters if “both of your shops sell the exact same items”