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Another Fiverr seller copied my gigs



I’m posting here because I’m not sure where else to go at this point. Another seller in my category copied two of my gigs pretty much verbatim (description, title, FAQ, price).

I reported this to Support already but they really have not resolved the issue despite closing my tickets. Any other avenues?



Did you try contacting the seller and raising up your concern to him/her? :slight_smile:


No, I haven’t so far. I get the feeling that if they are willing to copy gigs, they are unlikely to be on the up and up and I don’t want retaliation against my gigs.

Thanks for the reply!


Can you change your descriptions slightly so that they mention some things that are specific to you and your account? Little details like your name, number of projects completed on Fiverr, overall rating, that sort of thing?

It won’t stop the copycats, but it will either make their job more difficult (because they’ll have to remove some parts), or make them look silly.


I wonder if Fiverr’s description field accepts coding languages. I think there might be an anti-copying piece of code that prevents the copy commands. Though I think that is a site wide global code and not something you can put within a paragraph of text…


Report this gig by clicking on the little flag at the top of the gig of the other member.
Explain that he has copied your gig and give them the list of sentences copied.
CS will check and if you are right the gig will dispear (wait 1 or 2 weeks).


I didn’t know about this. Thank you!

I’m going to report one more time and then just re-do my gig descriptions. It’s a hassle, but they are getting stale I suppose anyway. C’est la vie.


Don’t change your gig before they delete the other gig or CS won’t see that someone copied your gig.