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Another Fiverr stole my gig description


I noticed a seller had stolen as in cut & pasted my gig description for romance/erotica writing.

Any tips on how to resolve? They used my words and slapped a 100.00 price tag on their gig.

This should not be allowed. I am beyond frustrated.

You can report it to Customer Support, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t, probably depending on whether they can really find out who copied whom. There´s a seller ranking higher than I am for the same kind of gig with a profile text copied from me (I´ve changed mine since), which is pretty frustrating, yes, but, yeah.
I assume they either can´t, or don´t want to because it would consume too much time, check logs/databases, compare time stamps whatever, it happens so often too, from what one reads that it´s probably a Sisyphean task.

My tip would be report, hope for the best, and if nothing happens, move on. :four_leaf_clover:

Oh, well, move on in either case, of course. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it is annoying - I have one guy who’s gig is one of mine. I went a bit OTT Sherlock Holmes in trying to prove that it was mine originally and sent a lot of stuff (screenshots of my gig from ages back, SS of when my first review was vs his first review, links to the Internet Archive showing when mine was created which was before he started on Fiverr etc.) to CS but they didn’t remove it for whatever reason - probably because they are still going through all of my evidence 2 months later. I wouldn’t usually bother with it to be honest but this guy’s face annoyed me


Very annoying, You should inform fiverr if you have the copyright of that description

omg! very bad :confused:

ooh can you explain how you do it?? :sunglasses: google???