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Another FRAUD on Fiverr

Hi guys,

I am from Turkey and have two websites. A few days ago, I bought an article gig from a seller. The seller says that he writes the articles on his own and the articles would be unique. Anyway, I received my first order and I was happy because when I copy and paste it to google, google could not find the paragraphs! I gave 5 stars to him and ordered 2 gigs more.

Then I started to use the articles on the web. However; I realized that my keyword density program could not find my keywords. Then I pasted the article to office word and started to find it with CTRL + F… Word could not find my keywords.

I think it is all about Unicode thing. I dont know coding stuff much, but then I rewrote the first paragraph and pasted it to google search. Hell! Google found the article on ezinesarticles (wrote in 2010)

I canceled my 2 pending orders, but not received my money back yet.

I dont know what should I do more…

If I were you I would contact customer support. They may take a short while to respond to you but this will only because they are very busy. In either case, explain to them how the work you have been provided with is plagiarised and you should get the money you originally paid back as well as the funds which you will be refunded from your cancelled gigs.

More importantly, by drawing Fiverrs attention to the fraudulent activities of your seller, you will help other buyers avoid falling victim to the same scam in the future.

I hope this helps and don’t lose faith. There are far more high-quality sellers than scammers on Fiverr. The only problem is that the scammers that there are spoil it for everyone.

Hi, send a message to customer support as @cyaxrex said, and tell them what you’ve just told us here. That should be enough. But be patient, customer support takes times as they get many requests.

Don’t forget to tell your little scammer what you’re dong so they shit their pants!

Thanks for replying!

I did exactly what you wrote after I read your replies.
I also asked Customer Support to cancel the account of the scammer. If not, I will also write his username here.

Thanks again…

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Writing his username here is against the Forum Rules. Don’t get yourself in trouble over a scammer!

cyaxrex, writer99025, emmaki and catwriter!
Thank you for support!

Sheana from Customer Support is on this issue now. She is fixing the problem. I hope the scammer will not be able to do such things to other buyers.

I will let you know when the issue is totally solved.

I’m sure this will be fixed for you. I’m sorry this happened to you.

From all the reputable sellers here (and buyers who need them) thank you for reporting this to Sheana! Thank you also for not posting the seller name since your post would have needed removal or moderation. It is refreshing to see this thread.

Most fraud postings I’ve ever seen on a forum. It’s disturbing,

That really bad. I hope you will get supports help.

Im so sorry for your bad experience with this seller. Actually even your order is accepted by you Fiverr hold the money from your order for next 2 weeks. So dont worry. Fiverr Customer Team will do everything to cancel the complete order and to give your money back. Just litle patience.

WRONG. They will look at the situation as a whole and judge it as such.

Don’t let your worry fester in other people’s minds.