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Another frustrating movement of customer support

This was the terrible experience I ever had on Fiverr, On previous cases at least there was a mistake on my side so they’re all can be considered okay. but this is not acceptable at all.

3-4 days before, I was working with a buyer. everything went normal and I delivered. he checked the order a whole day and asked me to do a lot of changes which wasn’t even in the initial requirement (but I couldn’t ask extra because they were very small additions, but did like 50 of such things). After all done, he satisfied with everything and accepted the delivery, and wrote me a really good review as well.

I was not willing to work with him anymore because I wasn’t met the chemistry I expect from a buyer and don’t want to have troubles going forward, It wasn’t anything about money in fact he was willing to pay whatever I ask. But I don’t like to work with such buyers, who don’t say things clearly and saying something now and saying something else in 10 seconds, you know what I mean.

So, once he accepted the delivery, I straight blocked him without saying anything. a few hours later, he contacted me through another account asking he need to do more orders with me, guess what I blocked that too.


Trust me, he created 6 Fiverr accounts and started spamming my inbox so I created a support ticket. It went through trust and safety and seems now his accounts are banned except the original one he ordered me from.

2 days later baam the last order:

Wait for what? That buyer marked that order as completed by himself, it wasn’t even auto completed and he even left me a 5-star detailed review.

I was about to sleep when I see this, but got pissed off!

So I wrote to CS:

Hi there,

I’m writing this being bit frustrated at customer support. The order (#FOXXXXXXXXXXX) which was marked as completed by the buyer himself is now canceled by customer support.

What is the point of this? Can’t we as sellers, can assure about our completed orders? like buyers can come and ask CS to cancel the previous orders just like that? like the orders, they marked completed by themselves?

This is not acceptable at all. It didn’t meet the chemistry to work with that buyer again so I thought of blocking him upon the last order approval. That buyer was so annoying asking for changes from second to second and asking to revert them back forth. Sometimes he doesn’t even follow the instructions and got back saying it was not working.

Even though that was that, I didn’t tell anything towards the buyer and did all he asked very politely all the time. even I did multiple explanation videos and he really appreciated them as well. left a great review as well.

Now after blocking him, he created 6 new Fiverr accounts and kept spamming me where I blocked him on all and reported to Fiverr CS at ticket (#XXXXXXX).

Now all of a sudden, the completed order has been canceled. how in the world is this even possible? This isn’t the first time this has happened. Like if a buyer just comes in and asks to cancel the order they marked as completed a month ago and claims a refund saying some self-made rubbish to customer support, do you guys allow that refund?

This is not my hobby time playing on Fiverr. I put my time and great effort into these tasks to make them work like butter. After the client being satisfied with the order and accepting it, at what point that order can be canceled? Please review this case again, I need my earnings back.


Waiting for a response now. :slight_smile:

=======> Update 1:

This is what I got from customer support,

This was totally wrong, I didn’t deliver partial work nor didn’t refuse to do revisions of the buyer. so I wrote back:

Hi Hirman,

Thanks for responding so quickly. However, I disagree with what you mentioned. The order was completed in full with nothing left to do by my side. The initial requirement he was asking for and all the added gig extras are done successfully and he accepted the order with a full assessment of the task.

I DID NOT deliver the order partially. Everything he was asking was in the final delivery (That’s so obvious if you check chats). On that onward I have the freedom to block him if I don’t want to work with him again, right? He is asking to do more stuff on the same google sheet but that has nothing to do with the initial requirement in which we placed the order, to begin with.

The buyer can say whatever the thing he made up because he might be angry with me blocking him from chatting with me. So he might say that he has concerns and even the entire thing I delivered is not working. It’s just what he says. If he had concerns why did he accepted the delivery, to begin with? why did he write me a good review?

I can’t let this go this easily while having no problems on my side here. I’m expecting a fair decision.

Kind regards,

After got a response the same day:

And after almost 3 days, got a response:

Finally, I checked and the amount was directly added to my balance. :slight_smile:

Advice: If you know you did nothing wrong, don’t just be ok with an unfair decision from cs, ask for more information about how was it possible and fight for what you earned. Because at the end of the day this refund is just one click for cs, but it might be a good chunk of money for us as a seller. so we need to talk on behalf of us if we believe that there was something wrong.

I’m so happy this turned out to be in my favor, otherwise, I would’ve fed up with Fiverr as I clearly know that this buyer got a refund for no reason.

However, my order completion rate was not fixed, I asked for it too, but it doesn’t really matter they fix it for me or not at this moment cause I have 95%+ OCR.

=======> Update 2:

Order completion rate:

Hi again, Hirman,

I’m happy to hear this and thanks for your great support on this.

I have one more concern, my order completion rate was reduced upon this cancellation. Is there any possibility to get that fixed for me?

Regardless, you may mark this ticket as solved. thanks again!

Kind regards,



Have you checked to see if this buyer is still on the platform under the original name/account? If not, he may have initiated a charge back with his payment provider. When this happens, Fiverr just automatically cancels the order. I had this happen and it was really annoying!

If they still do have an account and can buy here, I would certainly push customer support to reimburse you for this order as they did mark it complete and even gave a great rating. Buyer’s remorse because you will not be a punching bag should not be a reason to penalize you!



Worst nightmare.

The first time I blocked someone… I thought the following two messages from different sellers were from the blocked user.

I think the CS will respond in your favour. This just seems vengeful.

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Yes, he’s still on the platform. Only the new accounts he created are banned and yeah, I will push CS too. like I’m positive that knowing didn’t do anything wrong here, I can’t be silent and go away as this order is a bit of a big deal to me.

What would be the situation if the buyer got a chargeback through PayPal or something he used to pay? Is there any way that CS can reimburse it? There’s no way right? :confused:


Some sellers were compensated after that happened, others were not.

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If the reimbursement happens, even the number of days to withdraw is reduced from 14 to 7!

All the best!

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Oh, which means Fiverr issue the compensation from their own account. hah, that isn’t something I knew, nice.

@bintzia nice to know that reimbursements clears sooner.

Fiverr help page on Chargebacks:

I’m doubtful that this is one, though, as your image shows ‘cancelled by CS’ while most people who have reported chargebacks report ‘cancelled by Buyer’.


I agree! It’s definitely not a chargeback from the buyer.

I recently had an order that the buyer marked as completed, and even left a 5-star review. However, like a month later, I got a message that the order was cancelled by the buyer. And immediately after that, I received this email from Fiverr (thanks goodness!).

Also, after this, the buyer couldn’t be contacted anymore.

@genuineguidance @bintzia @krheate @catwriter @imagination7413 The update is added to the original post, in summary, I was compensated. Thanks for your help and knowledge. :green_heart:



I had visited the thread twice to check whether there was an update (I had missed). Good to know!

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A frustrating experience with a happy conclusion. It’s a nice change of pace to read.

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Can you help me how to write to CS for my case? They keep answering me the same thing which seems never review anything from me? Thanks

@cindy217 By looking at the screenshots you DMed me, It’s clear that they reviewed your case and refused to compensate you. They clearly mentioned that this order was not properly delivered.

My recommendation would be to let it go and focus on new buyers because regardless of how hard you try to get this done in your favor, there is a good chance that CS will stick with their initial decision as they believe you did not deliver properly.

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