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Another Gig from me

Hello! I just created a new Gig and you can see it here I will write all kinds of stories for you (except for academical purposes). Feel free to express your opinions and the things that I should change. Thanks:)

Hi @tulklatvian. Congratulations on creating another gig :slightly_smiling_face:. The GIG IMAGE that you used does not really relate to the services you are offering though. So maybe you could use an image that has someone writing something on paper or typing up something or you could just have a plain background and add text to the image stating what services you offer.

In your gig description, you can show off your writing skills by writing a nice description that tells the buyer not only what you offer but also why you are the best person for the job. Use the keywords of your service as much as Fiverr will also in the gig description as well.

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Thanks you for your kind words:) also that picture is just a placeholder because I didn’t have anything else to put there. Thanks again:)

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@tulklatvian You’re welcome. All the best!