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Another Gig removed without clear reason

Hi Everyone, I am seller here on fiverr and had been doing well for over 2 years now. Unfortunately, I had to finish my studies and so I stopped for a while with fiverr. When I came back I still had my previous clients contacting me and the business went well.

I managed to get back to 2nd page of the recommended section of my category and second page on the best selling gigs however, the horror began. Someone in fiverr and obviously another seller who in the same category as I am reported my gig for copyright infringement and I absolutely did not copy anyone’s work.

Fiverr deleted all my gigs which was crazy because I have not copied any one’s gig, gig video or anyone’s description. In addition, all of my clients work are unique from each other. I tried to explain everything to fiverr but the only reason they gave me is that their review team reviewed it and so they can no longer restore my gig. That was it!

It was really disappointing because when I graduated I had no work due to the intense competition in my country and fiverr was only the current means to provide food for the table especially I had a 2 months old baby after my marriage and also I am the one supporting my 70 year old father. There was a lot of tears at that morning and my wife and I just hugged each other with tears.

I tried to get back up and luckily manage to rise up to the first page of best selling gigs section and 2nd page in the recommended section of my category. Unfortunately, the horror continues. I had received an email that my gig is removed and also a warning for suspension. I was shocked because I really made my gig again very unique that I created it and revised it for more than 10 times just no similarity in other gigs but still fiverr deleted it due to a 3rd party complaint and obviously I know that the complainant is still the same person observing my gig and can just click the report button whenever he feels like it.

This is a very sad ending because I am starting back from zero. Hopefully, this platform will protect its sellers from this kind of bullying and oppression from other people who obviously are competitors. For the person who keeps reporting my gig, I hope you will get more blessings and be happy. I hope you will only do this to me but not to other people especially not to other sellers because these are people doing their best to make a living.

thank you for reading this.



What services do you offer?

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Oh, my heart is broken :cry: Hoping you will get back soon.


I offer 2d animation

Did you send source files to the support for the images and videos in your gig?

If you will just create new gigs and someone will report it they will just close your account permanently this time.

My problem is I do not which one they complained whether the video or the description. I have told them that I can provide license to my images if they need it.

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Then contact them again and ask them if that was a video or description, so you could change it.

Sometimes first answer they give is quite generic but if you start asking in more detail they tend to provide you more details.

Stand tour ground, without figuring out what’s the problem you will just get your account banned


The suggestions you received were reasonable but you’ve probably lost your chance at getting this straightened out. Jumping to a threat of court was a big leap, especially with a global company that has every right to ban you for any reason. Now that you’ve made that jump you can pay an international lawyer if you wish and try to file an expensive lawsuit. Your other options are probably closed now. Good luck.


Oh well, as @fonthaunt said that was probably a mistake. You signed their tos so threatening them with court wouldn’t do anything as you agreed and signed the contract.

You still can try what I recommended but chances are much lower now to be honest.

"Third party complaint " usually means “complaint from another company”, for example a service provider or a social media platform.
In your case it could be the whiteboard platform you were using, that has a quite expensive “individual business” subscription.


It’s shooting yourself in the foot to ask to have your gigs restored at the same time you threaten to go to court with fiverr. Your chances are zero.


My top selling 2 gigs are removed by Fiverr 3 months ago. 1 contains 750 reviews and another 89 reviews.

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The number of reviews a gig has does not make it immune from being pulled if you are breaking the clearly listed rules Fiverr has set forth. It is sad, for some people, when their gigs are pulled, but there is always a reason why those gigs are pulled. It can happy to anyone breaking the rules, no matter how successful their gigs have become.


Oh God, this is even more tragic than my. Own an original and be removed…

Fiverr will always disable your account especially when you have a lot of money in their site.When they close your account they promise to pay you in the next 3 months.In my research they do this to avoid paying a seller immediately so they can use the seller;s money for their purposes.They will never stop doing it because they do it for the purpose of gaining the profit unless something can happen miraculous and be banned from offering such services

If you have a lot of pending payments be assured that your account will get disabled and the money will be used to loan someone else for interest as you keep waiting for 3 months

fake statement alert… following the rules might help