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Another hard proof that star ratings don't work no matter how hard you try

I actually fel much better after initiating a mutual cancellationS right in his face!

Bravo, well done Fiverr! No $$ for me and no $$ for you! Bravo!

Hello, everybody!, this is my first post here.

yeah this star rating system is pure garbage, doesn’t work, and is in no way a true gauge of quality, hopefully they will get rid of it ASAP

I agree with the creator of this topic!

There are far too many people who take advantage of the ARS, after all … this is fiverr, not ebay or amazon… how in the hell can you rate someones delivery speed or communication!

This basically means -

That you have to deliver ASAP and never ever go close to the deadline, cause then… the customer can leave a bs feedback about your service saying you were late with the delivery, and the hardest part is - the other customers won’t know if the story is real or not, if you protect yourself and stand up for yourself, it’ll just seem like you’re lying and whatnot!

Communication: I personally am not here to “chit chat” with people, I’m (was - leaving) here to work… and I don’t do much communication with my customers, in fact the directions to the customer even say “Our first update will be the delivery” YET I get customers who demand updates about the progress, ask if the information was all I needed (what the actual fxck? you submitted it, you know what you need on your product and you’re asking me if it was ok?) and if I don’t reply to them, they start bombering my inbox with messages about me not responding to their updates!

Basically, long story short - Kiss ass and you’ll be fine here, over deliver, offer more and more for the 5 dollars that they chipped in, cause you know… that’s how you keep your customers happy, am i right?

but if you happen to be a person has has a little bit of personality and doesn’t like to kiss ass and over deliver… you’re doomed!

Reply to @madmoo: Hey! I wonder where I got that? Oh now I remember. Your gig was my first purchase. :slight_smile: lol. I was having fun selling on here but have decided to take a break, and have suspended my gigs indefinitely. I had a business idea for outside of Fiverr. I’ve been building a website and have been building upon my ideas over the past month. I’m thankful to Fiverr because working here actually gave me the idea! I kept wanting to start it but would get too busy with my gigs. The last few weeks I’ve still been on here quite a bit - as a buyer. Maybe I’ll come back and start selling again if the craziness dies down. It’s nice to see you’re a Sheriff again, you are the glue that holds this forum together. :slight_smile: Anyway, take care!!

@gdisignup - I’m glad it worked out.

If the mutual cancellation does not go as planned and the feedback you gave to your seller remains with no change, there is a possibility that the people visiting your gig might consider they will not get their liberty when working with you, which is not good in my point of view :-?

Also on the other hand, if you worked hard even when the buyer did some mistakes and still if he leave you a 4 star feedback, you have every right to get moved. But dude we can not make everyone happy :slight_smile: There are those type of people also. Got to live with them :slight_smile:

I think you made it worse. I’ll be honest. That 4 star rating wouldn’t be a factor in whether I purchase your gig. It looks like he was happy overall. Although, your comment in reaction to the 4 star rating - that would make me not want to buy your gig.

Reply to @typingservice: Yeah, I guess you’re right, I was moody at that point.

I still have a lot to learn on Fiverr, thank you for your advice. I will remove the comment directly.

Reply to @typingservice: I also agree with you

Yeah, always try to resolve these with the buyer first. The buyer may not have realized that 4 stars is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes if you politely ask if the buyer could please give you that extra star since they were pleased with the work, then they will. If not, see if there’s something you can do to help earn that fifth star. (Just don’t go ridiculously overboard – a simple request isn’t too bad.)

I know the forums have been ablaze with people slamming the star system, but don’t let it get you so worked up that you take it out on your buyers. Many are not aware of the uproar over the stars, and they don’t quite understand why less than 5 can be insulting and a hit to your rating.

It sounds like you’ve decided to recant your comment, and I’m glad to hear it. All you can do is learn from your experiences and go from there. Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

Reply to @goodgift: I realised that my comment was a little over reacting. I’ve calmed down on that abit, thank you for your pieces of advice.

Reply to @typingservice: yeah because you got 4 stars, that’s not bad. You obviously worked hard on the project and expected more, but there is a better way to express your opinion. It wasn’t very professional, and at the end of the day as a seller, you have to understand that some folks are just JERKS!! lol at least you got paid. As long as they compensate you for services rendered, they can leave what they want. It’s their opinion after all.

gdisignup said: I realised that my comment was a little over reacting. I've calmed down on that abit, thank you for your pieces of advice.

Good choice! It speaks highly of a person who can admit when they were wrong and does something to change it. The forum is here for exactly that reason- to provide alternative perspectives to do business better. Live and learn :)


I just got my first 4 star ratings on my gigs as well. Yet the buyer I got the stars from was one of my first buyers ever! And he is a happy repeat customer. I do not hold the 4 stars against him. 4 stars mean that someone is more than happy where I come from.

I have not been on here for a while because I have been working flat out! But I guess the stars must be confusing to buyers too. For instance, some people might think that giving stars is always a positive rating. Like you have 1 star hotels as apposed to no star hotels.

Another thing, in most countries and settings, from 3 stars onwards should be considered ‘ok’ or a ‘pass’. I have noticed on some people’s profiles that 3 stars is considered a negative?!

Fiverr should give some list or consensus about the stars, so there is no doubt when getting or attributing them. FI: * terrible/ ** nearly getting there/ *** ok-pass/ **** good/ ***** excellent. Furthermore, 3 stars should show as positive, otherwise it is confusing and unfair.

That way, things would be clear and everyone should know what to abide by.

Reply to @gdisignup:

You can’t get too emotionally involved in a business, leaving comments like that can prevent you from getting more business.

Plus, a buyer can always CHANGE their feedback, so now you risk the buyer leaving negative feedback instead.

A 4 star review is great. I always just leave a comment thanking them for their purchase and wondering why I didn’t get 5 stars if there were no suggestions for improvement.

Reply to @belgianwriter: Firstly, I apologize for my poor English.

After more than an hour explaining to him how to place an order he ended up with 3 seperated orders…

Or he can just read the description,(but he didn’t) ALL he did was spamming me with messages within those orders and made himself including me confused!

It seems like he is from Australia. His English sure is better than mine.

To make a long story short, we had agreed on terms that he will marked 2 orders as completed. With both 5star rating.

So that I first get paid and will continue with his REAL work on the last order that was already placed.

(I do always want to get pay first of course, otherwise I will never agreed)From there you should know the drill,

-he sent me “something” in the order page and I reply him with something. DONE!

I even took my time and made him a “thank you” whiteboard video. You can check that on my page by his comment.

For some funny reason! The Fker rated me 4 star! While he was TOLD how important 5 star is for my Fiverr business…!

I was furious, the most funny part is, I told him, you rated me for something that is not even your REAL work!

If that was your real work and you rated me even with 1 star, you will NOT see me complaining. The blame will be on me cuz i don’t delivered my best!

But this is something we AGREED on and he f
KED me! So I smashed mutual cancelations on his other orders to make me fel better, AND YES, I do fel better!

And after that I goes on rampage in the forum.

I joined fiverr as a buyer days before there about to change the thumbs ratings to ARS, I’m a seller for a month now.

Because he rated me with 4 stars, I would get a thumbs up for sure if it wasn’t all the CATEGORIES and 1 to 5 star decisions BS! Even tho we agreed to 5star that he failed to comply.

Yess, I blamed on ARS! My bad, but I was furious. It had cost me a lot of energy to deal with the guy already before he can placed his orders…And now this.

Well at least I got paid from one of his order, it wasn’t even worth it in my opinion.

Now you know the whole story.

When I receive 4 star ratings I write to the buyer explaining that Fiverr is a sales forum that works on statistics and that a 4 star rating can be more harmful for my business than no rating at all. I still haven’t had a customer not understand this explanation yet and it really can be as simple as reaching out.

Most 4 star ratings happen because buyers don’t understand how much the ratings matter, or there was some very minor dissatisfaction they want to express that can be cleared up.

I have a 4 star rating in my main gig and it hasn’t damaged my 5 star average, so as long as you’re consistently good otherwise it seems they don’t really do much harm either.