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Another horrible change. Do you hate sellers?

So now we are getting messages that…

“Make sure you tell customer you have what you need”

Why? Why? Why?

Fiverr please stop making horrible changes. As if sellers need more messages. We have enough from new clients and current clients. We don’t need to be replying to you.

Now will it count against our response time even though the customer never asked?


And the normal box where you would respond is not there, so in order to write to the buyer, you have to pick one of the 2 stupid responses, and then clear their default text out and then type what you. But hey, at least the gig images are still blurry so that helps.


Can someone share a screenshot?

Here. Instead of a text box, this is what you are presented with. And with either choice you get a lame pre written message. Just what repeat buyers want, a stock, pre-written response.

I wish for once when they are all sitting around the conference room table deciding what they think we want, they would just ask us. Cause this was the brainchild of someone who is no seller.

The good news is you can still send them a message, the bad news it that now you have to first select a useless message, then select all the text in the window, then delete it all. Only then can you write to your buyer.


I’ve always sent a quick “Thanks! I’ll get to work on this,” message to every buyer upon receiving their order, mostly for my own personal bookkeeping purposes, but also because I know buyers appreciate a responsive seller who has confirmed they are beginning the work.

However, I don’t need Fiverr “helping” me with this insanely simple step.


totally agree. now this options annoy us sellers at every turn even if things are all discussed with buyers. groan :frowning:

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