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Another level one seller

Hi everyone,

i have joined fiverr in the mid of March, setup few gigs and started wait for order, when nothing happens, i started to learn how fiverr works, read number of threads, and comes to know about buyers request. My journey starts from here, initially i send few free samples to some buyers, but didn’t succeed.i have got first order on April, 9.and my buyer was as much satisfied that he give me tip as well, got second order on 12th, and again get the tip as well because of over delivery,next on17, then 24.after that there was a pause, but again get the one on May, 10, next on may 14; total 6 orders and i got my level one badge on 14th, April.same date i got another order, and one on yesterday.

for level one Fiverr says , one should complete 10 orders, but i get my badge before that, i think this is due to first two buyers bought my gig 2 times, and both of them give me tip as well.

Congrats!Keep going

Congratulations! I got level 1 as same to you. God bless!

How long it takes you to get your first order?

Congrats on your success.


Reply to @usman665:

as i mentioned, i have joined fiverr on 17th March, and got first order 9th April, so it was wait of 22 days

Congratulations… wish you more success.

thanks to all