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Another milestone today- 200 offers sent through Buyer Requests


So I realized today that I am up to 200 offers sent in the Buyer Request section. I did make level one status last week, but I decided that until I start seeing at least an order a day I will keep responding to Buyer Requests. Yes the buyers there are often asking way too much for way too little, but you gotta pay dues I suppose. Hopefully things will take off soon but until then, gotta keep chipping away.

Level 2 is somewhere out on the horizon!


Congrats for the (unusual) milestone and best of luck on the journey to level 2 :wink:


Congratulations on accomplishing your dream.

Another milestone along your path toward global domination.


It’s definitely unusual, lol! But you’ll notice I called it a milestone, and NOT a goal. The goal is level 2. Whatever it takes.


Literally laughed out loud!




You know, you are among the rare ones. Only some can enjoy sarcasm. Kudos for that.

On a side note, checked your gigs and they’re quite good ( Favorited ). Guess what, you got a buyer. Will definitely use your services in future. :+1:


My stat lol. I guess I got 25+ projects from BR :smiley:


It’s easy to fall victim to the “I must get one order a day” mentality. Unless you’re in a real pinch financially, focus on getting quality orders. Avoid people who are looking to essentially get something for “next to free”.


Sooo true,
I always try to maintain that…


I concur. I am looking for one order on my gig, not through BR. If I can get to one a day organically I’ll drop BR. When I hit a certain amount of income a day I am going to quit the day job and go full time freelance! Gotta start somewhere…


Received only 5 to 7 orders from BR :smile: ss


Most of my orders are from buyer requests frankly,
I have approx 1100 sent, but only completed 102 LOL!