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Another Negative Feedback :( and problems with a client


This is Impossible :frowning: Fiverr support can’t help me.

What can i do? :frowning:


Buyer said : Good Job, One Small Thing Plz add two line underneath the Web Address…

I work hard 24/24 but I can’t do extra work for free :frowning: .

I can’t continue to work in this way.


Why did customer say they could not help? It seems pretty clear that the buyer was asking for more here.


@ryangillam i have contact customer March 03, 2014 18:19

"I reviewed the order and correspondence however, will not be able to intervene at this point. I placed a note on the order in case the buyer also contacts us in regards to the order."



1.Buyer cancel : m simply not going to work with u ever, there are so many good sellers here, who have done work professionally , i cannot afford to work with an unprofessional person like u , Plz cancel the order.

2.Buyer cancel again : the seller is trying to be smart, and not delivering as promised, just insisting for buying more gigs again and again, i wont use his stuff, plz cancel the order .

3. Buyer Negative Feedback : All i got for $15 was NOTHING, Seriously a Non Professional, Who duped me and CHEATED me. He is not a good person to work with .


Which customer service agent said this?


Fiverr need to support Sellers too ?

This is happening with almost each Seller here in Fiverr.


Try again. This would aggravate me to no end if I were the seller. Buyers trying to get stuff for free, and the seller suffers. I would contact CS again. Tell them that the buyer was trying to talk you into free Extras, and the negative feedback is backlash and a form of harassment for not giving in to their demands.

I’m sorry this happened to you.