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I’m kinda new on Fiverr.
I had an account before where I used to buy other’s services. Now I decided to open my own with some help from my friends and offer services. I have not shared or promoted any of my gigs anywhere. I just let them grow organically but I feel like I’m doing a few things wrong for sure. Some of my gigs take hours to make and I try to keep them original. Help me out a bit. Share your tips and thoughts.

Sorry, my English is kinda terrible these days.

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You might want to remove the images of the Vogue, Gucci and Hermes and other logos from your gig. The gig images are there to show work that you have done and the type of work that buyers can expect from you. You say you try to keep them original. Not only is this misleading, its probably against the TOS of fiverr.

These are some logos that I have created not download or anything. I did use some prominent names from other brands but didn’t copy them. Should I change the names? I can surely provide logos with the same images that I have given.

Show completely original work on your fiverr gigs. Recreating another brands logo doesn’t show your unique skills and its infringing on their trademarks.

On your gig page it says:

I have worked with several internationally prestigious and well-known companies

If this is true then show the work you did for these clients. If that’s false, remove it. You also mention a money back guarantee which doesn’t exist on fiverr. Overall your profile and gigs don’t look finished and seem misleading in a lot of areas.

From your profile it looks like you are a beginner at graphic design. The great thing about fiverr is that isn’t a problem. You can be honest with your buyers and set your prices at an appropriate level and use the orders you get to improve your skills.

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Should have come to the forum first rather than watching some YouTube video. Thanks a lot.

share your gig on social media to get impression and click

What’s the best platform? Are there any group?

Web2.0 and forum posting site.