Another new update! Great going Fiverr


Another new update!

Looks interesting, simple and clean. Your thoughts!


I wonder if it would’ve had a bigger impact by showing the actual amount of stars repeated instead of specifying their number… I know it would be easier for me to pick gigs if I’d see 4 or 5 actual stars repeated… and there’s plenty of room for that, too - unless they plan on using the remaining space for some other feature :thinking:


Good stuff - can now see the number of reviews on top selling gigs on the profile page, without having to click through to the actual gig.


It’s helpful for buyers :ok_hand:


This is the nice update. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah @logoflow It’s nice update but maybe not good for sellers having less than 5star rating.


Ya but if you can send the Quality work then you can fabulously get a 5 star.


Obviously :slight_smile: But do you think this would impact on Gig Views and Clicks because now there is no need to click Gigs to check the seller performance.


it would not effect on performance.


But Fiverr algorithm rank GIGS based upon Impressions, Clicks, Views.


you can use the social media or forum tips for more sales there are many tip in forum you can read that. so you get some idea.


Okay. I would try to reach out :grinning:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Also, I don’t really like the choice of colors… that bright yellow on “Top Rated Seller” makes it barely readable without hurting my eye in the process. It feels like eyecupuncture! :dizzy_face:

And the light gray on the reviews count is almost invisible here :astonished:


Yeah! Especially light gray color not very clear :smirk: Great observation @Woofy31


Yeah, well, I deal with a lot of websites, and so many use a light gray text on white background, making my eyes almost bleed out. Lack of contrast, a big no-no in the design world IMO.

I would’ve expected more from the designers, especially since:

“Low-contrast text may be trendy, but it is also illegible, undiscoverable, and inaccessible.”

Or maybe that was the purpose: to make it illegible, undiscoverable and inaccessible :unamused:


@Woofy31 Every GIG is marked as Level 1 Seller, Level 2 Seller and Top Rated but I am not getting any New Seller marked :confused:


Yeah Noticed it. Its really helpful for buyer. They can order now without checking of gig. All Rating, review, level are all in same page. They should change the colors of levels. They should be green or some greenish type.



They do appear via the “New Arrivals” filter :wink:


Yeah! Great advice. Level colors are actually not having great visibility.