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Another Nooooob!


Hola guys and gals!

I’m new to this site and just posted my first gig. I am thinking of being consistent on Fiverr but before I do that I’d like to know what you all think of this site and how fast you received feedback when you started. Many thanks in advance!


hands down fantastic site. It’s as much as you want to make it :slight_smile:

Generally most people leave feedback fairly sharpish, on the odd occasion people don’t at all but it’s not too much bother. It just depends on how hard you work to make awesome gigs, and how hard you work promoting them.

Sometimes it is a slow start for people, others get a flying start. It all depends.

The key is to have patience :slight_smile:


welcome funky!!

I always ask the customer to leave feedback for me when I deliver my work :slight_smile:

That usually helps.


It’s a great site - I started less than a month ago and have made over 200$.

I did not actually promote my gigs anywhere at all - I did make friends in the forums though and someone bought a gig from me so I could practice and when he did that it musts have pushed me up on the search page because it suddenly led to more sales, it was all pretty easy.

Add a video to your gig ASAP, preferably a live one. It doesn’t matter how good it is, people just want to see the real you - it helps them order from you :slight_smile: