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Hey guys once again hello (this is my 3rd post today feeling awkward)
So I just launched my new gig just about an hour ago . You guys have been friendly since I m in this community (less than 10 days)
So I ask you great people to once again advice me some changes or bad things in my latest gig . All know not everything can be perfect but we can be better ya?
So here’s the link:

Umm I may also give u a little freebie if you place your order withing 2 days
Happy shopping :yum::yum::yum:


Thnxx for checking it out​:yum::yum:


We already told you.
Use only your own logos in your portfolio.


Umm bro that’s my own logo why do you think I stole them every single time. That is what happens when someone is trying to achieve his goals by working hard


You’re saying Freepik has stolen your logo and is giving it away for free? :thinking:
Let’s reach out to Freepik and ask them to take it down.



C’mon bro, give the guy some credit for taking the time to copy/paste from google images… it’ not an easy job you know! :joy:


Setting aside your use of other people’s logos, this Gig has some issues.

Your Basic package states that you will perform ‘Any adobe Photoshop editing of 10 photos within 2hrs or less than 5 hrs’. That’s a rather magnanimous offer for just $5. Your Standard and Premium packages offer more of the same thing as your Basic package, just for more money, which could be covered by a Custom Offer.

Standard packages should, in my opinion, offer the Basic package plus something the Basic package doesn’t have; and the Premium package should offer the Basic and Standard packages, plus something neither of those packages offers.

Your main Gig photo looks quite amateurish, and your other two photos are just examples of background removal. If you’re actually just offering background removal, perhaps you should just say that.

Your offer of unlimited revisions across all your packages suggests a lack of confidence in your abilities.

I am waiting for your order ,lets start a great journey

This may be perceived by others as being unprofessional and desperate.


Also one thing more that’s just some sample I can made that my self I can send you a video of myself making it it’s not my problem if some one leaked it and what about all others are all of them stolen?


Also I recently got my first order and my customer is happy from me and my services so that’s only thing that matters to me “customer satisfaction”


This reads like an admission of guilt.

Why did you create this topic, then? You seem to be doing just fine.


@uxreview is only pointing out an obvious mistake you are making, and you are
calling him “rude?”

Also I noticed the exact same pharmacy logo at
To be fair it does NOT say in the description that your logos are your ORIGINAL work,
but if you are going to call yourself a professional I suggest you use your own work.


I’m not your bro.

No worries. I don’t care to reply to this thread anymore. Others we will see from my previous posts that you’re showcasing work from others and calling it your own.

The following sentence in your gig description means nothing.

  • not all your logos are unique
  • professionals don’t lie
  • you’re far from an expert level



What a cringey, click-bait title.


Try to use more specific post title next time and post in the right section (gigs improvements) :slight_smile: