Another one who got bumped down


Two freakin’ levels, because of one buyer who didn’t read the gig description, and I didn’t want to scam them for money…
I only take on a couple of large orders per month, so with that one cancelled order, the completion rate went down to 80%.
Was fine with being bumped down to level 1 last month, because I thought that it would all go back up until today. Of course it bloody didn’t and I got bumped down yet again.

I know this is the same problem as everyone elses, it’s the same ridiculous system as always, and you’ve heard it all before. Sorry for the repetition. I needed to get a bit of frustration out.


That is what the ranting pot is for :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this.
While it may not give any resolution for you immediately, can I suggest that you contact support and ask them to pass your feedback to the development team? The issue of cancellations adversely affecting those who focus on large orders has been brought up before and passed to staff. Be sure to mention your average order size and how many you do per month. Ask them for a solution to this unfair situation - you might not get one but it will add to the voices which may have an effect.


Same thing happened to me I lost a level last time but, I got only one order after that. So I lost a level this time also.

I can understand loosing one level. But two levels for the same one cancellation is really disheartening.


I’ll be joining you soon! Due to fewer orders, my ratings and order completion ratio is plummeting.

With respect to ratings I would be completely fine if it were not for the 4.7 app review bug. I would also be fine as far as orders completed is concerned, if it weren’t for people ordering services I do not provide and CS cancelling delivered orders.

I have literally had 1 x cancellation this year which I instigated due to not being able to fulfill the buyers requirements.

Sadly, I will bet my grandmothers ashes that nothing gets fixed no matter how much sellers complain. In this case, don’t waste your time. Just start making a rock-solid contingency plan. That you have 100% control over. With anything Fiverr related at present, sellers have zero.


Something similar happened to me, I got a 4 star review that brought my average ratings down, later I got a 5 star review but it wasn’t enough. My level went down from 2 to 1 and then 0, and I got back to level 1 by waiting out 60 days for the 4 star review to not count anymore.

Also, being level 0 means I got next to no orders or buyer request.


Oh jeez. I take on really few orders, and get even fewer reviews. A single 4 star would mess me up for a loong time!

And yea, not getting any more orders due to the level is extremely frustrating. Two months ago I had to turn down 90% of buyers contacting me, because I was getting several new inquiries a day and just couldn’t keep up. Now I’m getting zero.
I’m about to move to a new place and was so certain I could easily pay the rent.
Luckily I have a three-month long project going right now. But if it hasn’t gotten back to normal in three months, I’m gonna be screwed.


Hardly a waste of time considering it would take less effort than writing a forum topic and if people don’t report issues, how can we complain when they are not fixed?

You should send in some feedback yourself, when they don’t do anything you can do a big complaint post with screenshots and everything!


I believe users should report issues with the rating and level system. @eoinfinnegan is right if nobody is going to complain how can we expect a change!
Fiverr is growing and developing everyday. We can see that they are working so hard to update their system.

  • Staff read the forum
  • Mods like yourself occasionally make reference to having had discussions with staff
  • There is no guarantee that a CS agent will even read a complaint
  • Apparently, CS staff are overworked, underpaid, and if you catch them in an off moment, that may affect how complaints are handled

In short, I don’t think spamming CS once a month should be advocated on the forum. Fiverr is clearly aware of issues sellers have with the monthly rating system, they just choose not to address concerns.

I prefer memes, thank you.


You have great work and I think buyers will see that. So I wouldn’t worry too much :slight_smile: