Another order cancelled due to payment disputes


i’ve had 3 orders cancelled now in the past 30 days dues to payments being disputed buy buyers. I provide domain name registrations for $5. These domains cost me to register, and I don’t make much out of them. So when payments are canceled I am out of pocket.

Fiverr needs to sort this issue out. It seem to becoming more and more prevalent. I am now considering my future on fiverr because of it. I’m a level 2 and have worked hard to be where I am, but when I continue to be taken advantage of and nothing being done about it, I wonder if this is worth the time and effort.

Come on fiverr, support the sellers because without them, there is no Fiverr!


Sorry to hear that. If it’s been happening much more often lately, maybe you should remove that gig and focus on getting more sales with your others.