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Another place to freelance other than Fiverr?

I think I need to go somewhere else…other people on here are doing photo manipulations, photo edits, and posters for lower prices. I do the same thing but my prices for photo edits is $10. posters are $25 and my photo manipulations and designs are $50. am not likely to be pick.

It’s not allowed to recommend other platforms here, but you can try Googling “freelancing platforms”.


Remember in the Freelancing world. Have a back up plan, meaning work on more than one website or better yet create your personal website. The idea is to have multiple streams of income. :pineapple:


Yes your 100% right @nikavoice Freelancing world always remember one think you have a good back up plan. other wise you cant serve in Freelancing world, this idea is help multiple good income.


@kingsleyjone676 I think the price I’m offering for my services are okay, so I can never think give it in low price because i know the quality of my services is good, I suggest you shouldn’t think of who’s giving what I’m giving. You see that you give the best services on your behalf,

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thanks man the quality is important.

I have enough work from fiverr, even more then i can do it sometimes.
But i am also videographer in real life not only in social platforms. And yes have a back up plan in any case

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Yes your right @kingsleyjone676, quality is most important think in freelance world.

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That truly good to hear that you also have a back up plan,i suggest you that remember 1 think always give priority both of them.I have lost many things in my life and right now i have more then five back up plan.

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Yea you are right,
I got ad sense running for 3 years.
Got fiver running
Got full booked all summer for weddings, events, music videos and alot of more stuff.
Got also fly overseas to film things. So yeah, peoople who are just hoping fiverr will work for all life, they are wrong. If something goes bad, you got back up plan.


yes you right, great!

Great advice from everyone. Its true, freelancing is something that really needs a back up because we are our own bosses. Our salary depends on how hard we work now. The best thing to do is face to face. Fivver is just a back up, correct, because the most powerful way to be a freelancer is when people know you or others recommend you aka word of mouth. In my town I get referrals from the neighbourhood , teachers from where I volunteered at.

You don’t need to go somewhere else, you need to get used to the idea that starting selling and quitting on Fiverr in less than a month shows that you have grossly unrealistic expectations when it comes to freelancing.

Working online isn’t for everyone. It may simply be time to come to terms with that.