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Another possible scam?

Two accounts with no pictures made the exact same order at the exact same time. Both requesting the same thing.

The two accounts are exactly created this month and this is also their first order.

Should I be suspicious?


If nothing happens, no. It could be a coincidence.
If something happens they could be something that we could call “demotion bombs”.


Is what they both ordered unusual in some way that set them apart from how most of your orders are?

Just do the orders is my suggestion.


I’m guessing this refers to a service you don’t offer ? If the orders are services you provide , Just know that some buyers may not think it necessary to have a complete profile since they’re only buying and not selling.

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At face value, this sounds like a tedious task for a buyer to go through this kinda trouble. Then again, nothing surprises me anymore (especially on this website). Just go with the flow! If things are peachy now, good. If things go south then that’s a whole 'nother problem.

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I once received an order without a buyer profile picture.
And that’s fine.

I only make $ 5.
Do not know at any other price level


I don’t care about the buyer’s pic lol (the least of my worries), money matters and completing the job on-time.


Thanks for the feedback guys! i’m just going to go with it, but will report if anything unusual happens. Thanks for the love!


I think you should give it a chance. I noticed a trend. I think (my own conclusion) is Fiverr puts out ads to specific demographics at specific times. For example, I noticed, suddenly doctors need my services, other days, it is the cryptocurrency clan, other times, dentists, etc. I get very similar messages a lot.

Maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone. It happens to me quite a lot.

Just give it a try.


It happens to me, too.