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Another Pro Seller Stole My Gig Descriptions


This was a creepy situation, and it’s more or less been resolved. I’m just here to vent.

I’m a content writer and copyeditor, and I earn about 20-25% of my income from Fiverr Pro. Anyway, I’m in a Facebook group for freelance writers, and someone reached out to me about Fiverr. We talked on Facebook Messenger, I encouraged her to become a Pro seller, and she created an account.

Today I noticed one of her new “gigs” had an eerily similar title to mine, so I read the description – and 75% of the copy was pulled word for word from my own gig. I then scrolled through her other gigs, and I noticed A LOT more plagiarism. In some cases, it was literally copy-paste.

I reached out to her and she responded:

“Maddie, I am so embarrassed. When I was submitting gig after gig for approval for this category, I couldn’t seem to get it to ‘pass.’ I had every intention of adjusting my copy once it went live and I never did. Life got in the way. You’ll see I’ve deleted my gig. I’m so sorry!”

She only deleted one gig, though. The plagiarism was still pretty blatant in two others. I sent her another follow-up message – this one much more firm – and she removed all but a few sentences that she’d taken to me.

What makes this whole thing even weirder is that after we talked on Facebook – pre-Fiverr – she added me, followed me on Instagram, and asked me to grab coffee once when she traveled to my state (I was out of town). I can’t even begin to fathom why she would do this, and the whole thing is very disappointing.

I’m just here to vent, so thanks for listening! Have any of you ever had your gig descriptions stolen?


this is very common problem day by day . I am speechless and have no idea what to say . Once I complained with proof but do you know what I got. Support said to me to change all . and after I changing all contents , gig is no longer available on first page. And I am not getting sales from that gig .

so its really embarrassing


I’m sorry that happened to you. I feel lucky because I called her out on it, and she got embarrassed and made the changes. The weird thing for me is that we had a few interactions before she even joined Fiverr.


yes, you did the right thing. You made contact first . But i didnt do that . I simply told support and after that this happened. So we learned lesson after sacrificed. and I am not getting any sales after that . My best seller gig is now useless. and I am jobless. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I’ve had my bio text stolen which is even creepier than seeing your gig description on other people’s gigs. Oh, and there was some new freelancing site some months ago that apparently simply pulled people’s names and profiles and all from here, several of us here found “ourselves” on that platform we had never registered on … :no_mouth: Identity theft is a rampant problem.

Sorry to hear that not just desparate or greedy, or however one would call it, people but people who were able to be vetted as Pro sellers resort to such means too, embarrassing situation for all who are involved.


So sorry to hear that!


That is creepy! I can’t imagine having my bio stolen.

Obviously, my issue doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. That said, it really bothers me that this person added me on social media about a year ago and asked to meet in person when she traveled to my area – and then she stole my content! I’d be (slightly) less upset if a complete stranger had done it instead.


thank you and i am trying my best . ,… I dont know when I can startling again


Yeah, indeed. There seem to be an astonishing number of people who have no hint of a sense of guilt in such and other matters.


I was contacted by the new seller once who asked if he could take my gig description since I had “everything nailed down”. He wanted a pat on the back for asking first and everything.

There is a pretty large percentage of people who are sure that walking around, “doing research” and just grabbing what they like is 100% okay, unfortunately.


She’s trying to single white female you.

But for real, that’s creepy, and you don’t need me to tell you not to meet up for that coffee if/when she’s ever in your area again. I had someone copy and paste literal sentences from one of my gigs, so I told CS about it. Her gig was deleted/paused and I guess they gave her time to fix it, because soon it was up and running again without the stolen lines.


I’m so sorry. The only explanation I can think of for her wanting a coffee meeting is so she can try to butter you up to soothe her conscience while also taking insights from you, which she would tease out during your meeting.


Oh, yeah – she’s been blocked on social, and there will be no future coffee meetings!

That’s a bummer about your gig description. Funny how these people don’t actually get banned from the platform.


Thanks for posting! The request for a coffee meeting was about nine months ago, which makes this whole thing even stranger. At least this seller edited the stolen content when I called her out.


This is indicative of a predator, someone who pretends to be your friend but is in actuality using you for information or some other things she can use you for.

Her apology is fake. She copied the gigs since that is part of her extreme predatory nature.

You can learn more by going to youtube and watching some videos on narcissists.


There are one or more sellers on fiverr right now who copied or partially copied my profile.


Yeah that IS weird! I second what @misscrystal said. This looks like predatory manipulation of some kind.


I don’t know sometimes what happens, I have seen someone copied a gig description as same to same, nothing any change from a top rated seller gig. But it pretty much wonders the copied gig still getting orders. :thinking:


I’ve had my description stolen and my images as well.
Of course I message them each time ( and report them to CS),
I’ve had replies like
“Oh, I didn’t know it was your image” (Yeah right)
“But you are getting orders, I need orders too!” ( Not my problem, make your own image)
“Hey, we all need to share!” (Uh, do you know the difference between sharing and stealing?)

I’ve had some snappy unpleasant responses, but they all get reported and lose their
account, so I guess it’s OK. I do of course cringe with anger each time it happens.


I’ve had similar responses too when people copied my gig. They get mad at me for telling them to stop and continue to do it. One told me she was sure I had copied someone when I was new too, everyone does it. And didn’t take her copy of my gig down.