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Another Pro Seller Stole My Gig Descriptions


I had a somewhat similar situation, but the other seller stole my gig’s image and just changed the color… I never contacted them, i immediately reported them… then they were gone/deleted/account banned? I don’t care, they just don’t have my image in their gig anymore.


One who copied my gig threatened to report me for for contacting him and asking him to take the copy down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for your post. When I first started on Fiverr, I took an online Fiverr “success class” that suggested we copy other’s descriptions. (I was taken for $250 for the course) It did say to change it around a bit so it isn’t exactly like the original. Eager to get started and make some money, I am embarrassed to admit I did this in the beginning but a soon after I hired someone from Fiverr to write a new description for me since I am not gifted at writing. I feel bad about what I did and I am admitting it just to say that their are courses out there encouraging people to model their descriptions from other successful sellers.


Or at least without lines stolen from you. :wink:

Person with such a poor imagination they needed to steal my bio text did then make the huge effort of adding 2 words at the beginning (which actually made me think maybe they really need to steal). Which also made the last of the sentences stolen from me cut off abruptly …

It’s annoying, especially if you can clearly see, or even know, they shouldn’t be selling what they are selling (try being messaged by someone who stole your profile about doing one of the jobs they got by using your stolen profile for them) but I gave up. Too many of them (or not so many people maybe but so many accounts), and they’ll just adapt a tiny bit, do the same as soon as CS turns their back, or steal somewhere else.