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Another Proven Way to Get More Gigs

Hello Gigsters,

There seems to be some areas in which you all could improve in. I know for sure that I have many things to improve.

One of these things is to make sure you upload pictures of YOUR work in your gigs. Make it appealing. Make beautiful websites, logos, photography, artwork, and make it your best.

Buyers will surely come around to your page and want to book you because they see that it is your work, and not something found on the internet.

Just a little something to keep in mind!!


On top of that, sellers who follow this advice won’t get reported and banned for creating misleading gigs, stealing stuff from their rightful owners, and so on.


Simple advice, but it’s amazing how many people ignore it.


Thanks for the great tips.:grinning::hibiscus::sunflower:

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A bit tough to do in my line of work (voice acting) but putting the different types of jobs and clients in the bio looks much better too!

or, if you’re not so good at this, or don’t have time, there is …Pixabay.

I’m so-so with this “create your own images”, if you could find a free high-quality appropriate image on the web.

We’re not all artists, and coming up with something ugly is worse than not being original.


I think the OP meant the live portfolio rather than the gig image itself, but I would also add: Get another Fiverr seller to do your gig images.

Not only you’ll get a better quality gig image but also it will help you understanding the buying process here on Fiverr.

Given the opportunity I thin every seller should buy at least once here to get a different perspective.