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Another quality buyer request 🙄

This is the sort of garbage that crosses my feed every day. Unrealistic in terms of, well, everything. Aggressive and frankly rude on top of that.

Click “Remove Request,” move on… :face_vomiting:


Very hilarious! They will be the one who will suffer by using such words and language. Remove request seems good. Basically, remove negative things and look forward for positive ones.


The sad things are that:

  • This person has no idea how offensive and unrealistic his approach is.
  • some poor desperate fools will try to do this job

Oh well. Can’t save all of em all the time. Some people seem born to drown or get hit by a bus.



Some people seem to think that because they are online that they can be completely unreasonable and rude. I don’t take on clients in the “real” world who behave like this, and online is no different.

I’ve got enough work between here, the other online freelancing platform and my direct customers that I don’t need to put up with antics like this.


He is just spitting negativity in his request, it’s not attractive at all :rofl:
But maybe he got scammed by the usual fake buyers that we see daily on forum.
I’m not a website expert but I’m sure that what he asks for cost more than 35€


When they say they have “3 days”, this makes me think they are a reseller here and their order is about due! So, they are probably passing themselves off as a Shopify expert or app developer, selling their service for a couple hundred and then trying to get cheap labor to do it for $35.

Pretty sad stuff.


I’ve been a software engineer for over 25 years and owned my own freelancing / consulting business for 22 of them. I have a fairly fined-tuned garbage detector, and this kind of thing sets it off straight away!


They really should filter people, fiverr has a bad reputation for it’s cammers, fake buyers etc, it’s sad because there are people who are actually working honestly despite this :confused:


The word vomit here is real :nauseated_face:

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Someone got a work assignment and wants a quick & cheap solution instead of doing it on their own. Else, can’t explain why such a small deadline :smiley:

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Another fine example. Apart from the obvious issue that I am an editor, software engineer and data analyst and this should never even have it my feed, $20 and you must send five links when you apply? What could possibly go wrong there?

Even worse, there are nine suckers who have been prepared to do this!


His language, tone, writing, and message puts me off. Everything is off. The desperate seller who will take this job will have their heart in their mouth knowing anything can go wrong at any time.

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They want everything only for 5

And someone wanting their homework done. Same advert twice, different prices:

And evidence of it being an assignment, which the three sellers (now 19 people applied across both jobs when I refresh the screen) who have applied for must have been aware of, and so are knowingly breaking the TOS and doing something ethically and morally reprehensible.

I just hope that both the buyer and seller who does this job gets caught and appropriately censured for breaching the TOS.


Another gem - “give me updates before I order to prove you can do the work”

Ummm… no.


Give the money and the spec before I waste my time. I need the money in my bank account where you can not reach back in and take it on a whim before I can trust you.

We are at an impasse. Well done Dumb buyer.


UPDATE: I have one in my Inbox right now off a BR, wanting me to give free work so he can test our chemistry. I have your chemistry right now buddy. Fearful but unwilling to trust therefore a danger to waste time on. Laters.

:double sigh:


haha I’ve seen that many times! and also those weird words that say: Omo ala apa witches thing lol… I always ignore it :smiley:

I have absolutely no idea what that means! I keep thinking it must be that I’m getting old and uncool :thinking: :flushed:

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Lol I have looked for the meaning of that and everything points to something Yoruba or Nigerian, the first word JHOOR has no results, but the following words OMO IJEBU is a song. the word PLS may be “Please”. but when I tried to translate the word OMO IJEBU by reversing the words, the translation showed something ugly. :open_mouth:

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Hmm, all the more reason to stay away from it!

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