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Another request for a Gig Review


Although there are several posts in the forum requesting gig reviews, my request is slightly different. In my case, my gig is getting an adequate number of views. Yet, still no sales. So, once potential buyers click on my gig there must be something inside the gig that’s turning them off . Some reviews would sure be appreciated. My profile photo is pretty low class. So, maybe that’s the culprit. Or maybe it’s something else. Just don’t know. Thanks for any help. The Gig URL is

Thank you for any suggestions.

Vince Deegan

The gig looks fine to me. The gig photo is a little plastic looking, if you know what I mean, something that gave a more personalised feel might be better? I don’t think the quality of the profile pic is a problem. There are couple of grammar and spelling errors; message me and I’ll expand. Hope that helps a little.