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Another Revision Rant

I have a customer who, to be honest, doesn’t know what the hell she wants. I spent ages emailing back and forth her to to clarify this project. She wanted scripts written for video clips, and sent me like 10 different video clip links (all the same video but different variations). So I had to sift through those and figure out what to write about. Then she came back and said to time stamp each line. She’s very short and abrupt. It’s like pulling teeth to get answers from her.
I asked for clear detailed instructions. What are the scripts about? Etc.
needless to say, she wants everything revised but there’s still confusion on my end.
I don’t want to sound like an idiot who doesn’t understand anything, but I really don’t have the time for this back and forth ongoing guessing game.
Would you cancel (forgoing the 3 hrs of work you poured into this on Valentine’s Day evening) and advise she find someone better suited to figuring out what she wants? Or what would you do? :confused:


If you can’t understand what she wants and she is not giving you enough details of what she wants, click on that cancel button before the whole process takes more of your time. I usually cancel some orders if I see the end results might be a negative review.


emailing? :thinking:

Isn’t that against TOS?


Since it’s not possible to do what she wants since she is not able to be clear about it then yes I would cancel.


I’d say - cancel and move on? You’ll earn more :moneybag:from other orders with better clients rather than meddling with your current one?


I meant messaging, before she ended up placing an order

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Thanks guys! I’m sure I’ll feel more free after canceling :-). Even though I’m taking a slightly big loss.