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Another rogue buyer - What are my options?


I just delivered the work to a buyer who is now asking for more work. I reminded him of our chat from before the order was placed (i sent him screenshot where i clearly said for $50 you will get x, y, and z)

Then I sent a screenshot of my offer to him as well. again it said cost $50, things to do: x,y,z.

When I sent him the screenshots of the chat he replied with: “I prolly didn’t even read that I skipped right over thinking we were clear”

clear about what? I don’t know.

I have asked buyer to show me any proof (chat screenshots) in which I said I will provide the said extra service, but he has not been able to show me anything. he just says “i thought we were on the same page”

Please advise on how to move forward, if i don’t provide the service he’ll probably give me 1 star review. if he cancels, he walks away with the work for free and my profile takes a hit.

Fiverr support won’t help. they never do.

Please advise me as to what are my options here?


Do you know what else he wants? Is it a service you can provide? I would try to send them a gig extra for the additional service if it is something you can provide.

already tried that.

Yes, i can provide that service. I told him the cost is $50 for that. he said “i thought that would be for free”

Why he thinks that is beyond me because my Offer, and the chat prior to the offer doesn’t mention that service anywhere.

Man, just give it to him, and make sure you prevent it from spoiling your career on Fiverr.

Or you could just visit resolution center.

But contacting Fiverr customer care, I don’t think so.

They never function at all.

And note: Study your buyer through your discussion with them before letting them order. Mostly they are scammers. They want BIG SERVICE, small money :smile: :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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the “just give it to him” part is quite a heartbreaker.

I know what you mean. but these buyers keep exploiting us like this and there’s nothing support ever does… and there’s nothing we can do about it.

support is usually very helpful however you can’t expect them to force a buyer to accept an order

well you can do as he says , in this case it might end up good or he’ll request something else after this as well ( unfortunately you can expect anything from an abusive buyer ) or simply explain again that what he is asking is not included in your agreement… it can still go in both ways at this point … he might start to ask for refunds and so on …

Well, that is Fiverr for us.

We just have to move on with it

look its 50$ once fiverr take there cut what you got left. 32$ or something.

I would try and learn from your experience and perhaps be more exact in your gigs and offers to the point of charging more and not giving clients any work until your happy with everything.

Then with offers or extensions, be as clear as possible stating the work and delivery time etc.

If a buyer agrees and accepts your conditions, as long as you have everything in writing you are protected.
There are rule and laws that actually protect you outside of fiverr with intellectual copy-write.
Not to mention social media,
Expose the buyers that are like this, and try to be more professional, and know when to cut your losses.

As the buyers behaviour already should be enuff not to work for again.

Remain calm all is good :relieved:

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actually 40$ …

not sure if this was intended for me

do you think that they work on fiverr ? ’ Edit , i saw you mentioned outside fiverr ’

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