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Another scam, only scam...PLEASE listen and talk about that, help!

Hi guys!
After some time I go back to writing you on the forum.

Three days ago I was contacted again by a scammer. I can not stand it anymore.
Since I created my page on fiver I only get false hopes.
Only scammers contact me, but how is this possible?
This time a person asked me graphics to be able to create t-shirts to sell. When I explained to himthat my designs do not have a commercial license, because otherwise I would increase the final price or in any case as in the case of book cover’s illustrators … if you create a graphic on something that is sold they should give you a %.
Needless to say, that after he have answered me “all for the money brother” taking liberty of expressions that he shouldn’t have, he disappeared.
In the meantime I found a message on instagram where this t-shirtss seller asked me for a collaboration and coincidentally on you tube there is the video that explain: this person contacts random people with low followersonly to cheat …
Honestly, I’m a bit annoyed by all this, I would like some opinions on how to fix my profile. I would really start with some commissions to save money that I need… but useless to say that if they just keep contacting me about scams, unfortunately, I will have to delete myself from this site… :pensive: