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Another seemingly random gig denial from Fiverr, with zero response from Support

I’ve tried to post two gigs, both of which were denied. Yet there are a bunch of other gigs that are literally identical to mine. Nobody has gotten back to me when I’ve asked about it - probably because they have no explanation for the totally random denial.

Fiverr: if you have policies, great. I’ll abide by them. But when policies are randomly and unfairly applied, they’re no longer policies. Such is the case with me.

Brutal. Good luck all, I’m not sure what is going on with this place but I’m out.

Happened to one of my gigs too. I emailed CS and received a generic reply, and when I asked for more info, I no longer received a reply.

This happened some months back :frowning:

It’s been my experience that gig denials are caused by something spelled out in Fiverr’s TOS. Customer Support is understaffed and probably doesn’t have the time to sugar coat replies to all 3 million plus sellers on their website.

Read Fiverr’s TOS again. Look around at how similar gigs on the site are presented, make the necessary tweaks, and try again. Eventually, your gig will be accepted. Fiverr does not have personal vendettas against individuals. It ‘is’ something that you are (or are not) doing.