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Another seller copied my gig description

One seller has copied my entire gig description, even the part about my expertise and education. What should I do?


You Can Report About His Gig.


you can report to customer support. But at first contact the seller for Remove the image, If he doesn’t remove then you can contact customer support. Hope Fiverr support team will take an action.


Please communicate with Fiverr Support team ASAP, and Make a report, thanks

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I think request him to remove


don’t report him first, request him to remove.


Talk with customer support, if you are published your gig first, you have to right complain about the seller.


You can help from Fiverr support community and complain about that

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ask him/ her to remove your text, if no changes then you can report against that ID

Report on her/his gig.

First try talking to the seller about it, Because they might like it’s fine for them to copy someone else’s property. Give them a deadline to do remove your description and other things that are subjected to you.

If the seller agreed, then that’s fine because it might be innocent mistake. But if the seller decides to try to prove you wrong even though they aren’t right. I would suggest you to flag that gig.

First of all, you send a message that the seller who fully copied your gig you can support from the Fiverr support community.

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You first contact with the seller. If seller doesn’t listen then go for fiverr support

Read this Fiverr’s TOS.

" * Users may report Gigs to Customer Support that may be in violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service based on the reported Gig’s replicated similarity to pre-existing services (copycat Gigs)."

This is happened to me all the time since my gig top of gif section most of new comers copy paste my gig description which is annoying so I time to time I use plagiarize to find my description and report to Fiverr about them

if they can copy without asking why do we have to ask them first??

I would definitely report it to the CS

If you want report him but i think firstly request him to remove.

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Yes I think so.


Go ahead and submit a report.