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Another seller copy my gig. Pictures and Descriptions!

I’m new to Fiverr. A month or two after joining Fiverr, orders start to flow. Now I have repeated orders from many buyers. I did really enjoy Fiverr’s simplicity. Everything is going well.

Until just now, I found out someone stole my gig. Completed with my works and my descriptions! I’ve sent a message to him. No response yet.

I want to ask you dear forum, what am I supposed to do in the case like this? Did you ever happened to be in the same situation as this? What is the solution?

Thank you.


Please report the issue to Fiverr support immediately. Fiverr support will investigate the matter and take necessary actions.

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Hello @barrydavian
its worst when somebody copy your gig and steal it.
I advise you to report that seller and contact support team with all the information and link of that seller .
This will help you.

Thank You :pray:

Report the seller through the copied gig, and provide a link to your own gig in the provided spot.


Thank you all, for your advices. I think contact the support team will be the best way. I’ve never contacted the support team before for any reasons. It could be my first experience.

But before I proceed to contacting the support, I think I’ll wait the good response from the guy who copy and paste my gig. Geez,… how could someone copy and paste someone else’s gig. :confused:

and if he decides to report you first?

Why wait? They’ve broken the ToS. They’re a thief.


I was thinking the same thing.

He should NEVER contact the thief. My guess is that he will report him first and then it will be impossible to prove first egg or chicken and both will loose GIG.

The moment you see something wrong or stolen you file report, never message the seller.


Don’t do that. No one who steals from you is going to say “Yeah you’re right” and take it down.

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When you’re contacting another seller for anything other than a potential order discussion, you’re technically sending them spam (and possibly threats) thus violating ToS. Not a good idea.

My gig got copied a few times in the past, I just reported the users and all the copies were gone in a matter of hours. These days, realistically, it’d probably take days given how busy CS is but they are usually very sympathetic and efficient when it comes to this stuff.

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Report the issue to fiverr

Whaaat? Is that possible. Damn. Not thinking of this in the first place.

Actually he replied to my message and willing to take down the gig. But he didn’t do that until now…

Yeah, I see. @anidee comment opened my eyes. And yours make it bolder. Just wow, I can’t believe the possibility of this.

Behind the Fiverr’s simplicity, there is a ‘hole’ where a ‘thief’ can take the advantage from. A Hundred hours of hard works potentially gone in a blink of an eye… What a system… :sweat:

In a matter of hours is fast. Would you please give me exact procedure to report this to the CS?

It doesn’t matter if they took it down, what they did was unethical and they are now likely to do it to someone else.

Report them and have them removed from the site. Fiverr does not need sellers like this ruining their reputation and the reputations of other honest sellers.


it happens from time to time…a few days someone copied even my name from a gig… it’s pretty common to see such things however if you contact support they will take care of it fast

The fun thing is, a dude copied my about us gig’s description and I am removed from search, yet he is on the first best selling page in my category with a stolen description. And I am talking almost verbatim, copy-paste… I just rest my case, if someone that steals descriptions can rank higher than the original gig he copied…that’s just sad.

sadly. yes, it could be.

you can email them