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Another Seller is Stealing My Gigs!

Hi, everyone. I recently started using Fiverr but I am already copied, as there is a seller stealing my gigs titles and descriptions. This seller is fake in my opinion (Nigerian, living in USA, studied in Harvard and stealing my gigs?!), and I don’t know how to proceed with this issue. Any suggestions how to handle the situation? Is intellectual property stealing and faking a common practice in Fiverr?


Contact CS…only they can help in this matter.

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Welcome to Fiverr,
You can ask the seller to stop doing this if he does not agree to remove what he did then the last and most effective option is to knock the door of customer support, give them screenshots, URLs they will check both the Gigs via meta data etc
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i think you should contact cs as early as possible to fix your problem .all the best dear