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Another seller is using my creative graphic as his gig image!


Hi co-workers,
I’ve reported a gig which is using my creative graphic as gig image. But There is no action yet after couple of days!

I used that design in different marketplace around 24th December 2017. There is no sell but that service gig is still live there.

I respect my competitors highly but don’t like the way of of using someother’s creative materials without asking permission.

Do you recommend contact Fiverr support team with the report ID? I’m very sorry to mention that, sometimes it feel a bit different when I’m contacting support from the 3rd world as a poor seller.

I’ve the original PSD file and the Fiverr report ID.

Thanks in advance,


@engshimul please contact CS with source files and other relevant documents …


Thank a lot @abdullah_shah, sure I’ll do if I get couple of recommendations more.
Good luck!


CS should be your first point of contact when it’s something to do with your Fiverr account/profile… especially when it is something only the CS team is capable of helping you out with (no one on the forum is capable of helping you out of your situation as it is mostly made of buyers and sellers just like yourself). Why would you need further recommendations for you to take action? It is not like we’re telling you to do something that would harm your account. Afterall, Fiverr’s CS team is here to help us all out.

As suggested by @abdullah_shah, go ahead and contact CS (don’t forget to attach the source file(s)/all other relevant files to prove beyond doubt that it was your image to begin with).

Good luck! :snowflake: :smiley_cat:


beside contacting CS, you can also report the gig by clicking on the flag icon at their gig page


Hi @xuntes, thanks for your response.
I did that and got that report ID. But I don’t see any result. That’s why I’m a bit confused about.


it may take some time till they manually check this. But I always report by flagging it and CS, when they take too much time.