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Another seller is using my gig promo video



Yesterday I realized that another seller was using my Fiverr promo video, the one I have uploaded here in my portfolio. I contacted him directly and ask him to remove it, otherwise, I’d be forced to contact Fiverr CST. Is it against rules, right?

The thing is that he just replied to me saying that I was the one who stole it from a video he made in 2013 LOL! But he’s also saying, that because of the video was made on VideoScribe and that it has a watermark I don’t have any right to claim ownership. Is it true? What do you think?

Another thing is that he sent me the message, but it seems that he is not active as a seller, nor I can’t find his gig anymore… I don’t know if another seller can’t block us.

Do you think I should contact CST, I don’t want to complain about it if the seller has been removed… or if what he’s saying is true… I don’t care to remove that video anyway. It’s kind of old.

Thanks for your opinion.


To remove the Videoscribe logo and get a commercial use licence, which is what you need if you’re using the video to earn money, you do need a paid subscription to VideoScribe.

That’s up to you, but you could be opening a can of worms. :wink:


If it’s purely your video then no one can use it without your permission or maybe even with your permission no one can use same video on 2 gigs. (I am not %100 sure)

If it’s a base template then anyone can use it like you did.


Hmmmm yeah. That can be confusing.

I did the video on my own but using the free version of VideScribe, and it has the watermark… I don’t know, I think I better delete the video


If you have made the video first and Videos rive hasn’t uploaded it for the public then you should contact CS and show them the proof of your video’s Creation Date and Time. No matter if the video was watermarked, unless the video wasn’t available for the public by the watermark company you still are the owner of it. Best of luck.


Hey, if you feel that so it’s totally your desire to get CST. But I think you should get your evidence before that. :thinking:


It means it’s your work and no one should use it without your permission. I don’t know if we can use watermark version cause it’s another thing but it’s clear that it’s your own work and only you can use it.
It’s best to check VideoScribe FAQ and see if they are using free user work as a template on their library.


I don’t think so.

@jasanriocv do you have a source file for your video?

I suppose you don’t, and if your video still watermarked it means that you didn’t buy commercial rights from VideoScribe.
We saw couple of cases like this on the forum and you are actually risking to get a warning for copyright infringement. (I have never used that platform but if they have templates for videos then you can’t claim that it’s yours, or did you take the video yourself on your phone or camera and edited it with VideoScribe? To be honest I can’t even open your video that’s why I’m asking)

You can try to contact and complain to support but to be honest if it is what we are thinking then you are risking to end up with a warning on your account.


You should have print water marked on the video.


Video policies state that you should not have watermarks, [quote=“jasanriocv, post:4, topic:311498”]
and it has the watermark

Like someone said, contacting CS

Could be a high road to take


OK. Thanks for all your answers. I decided to removed the video. As many of you said and explained, I’d might be at risk of getting a warning in my account which is something no one wants. I better use on of fiverr gig video services here and make on with my own username and all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I will advice you do nothing if it not affecting your account sales in a negative way,but if you think it has effect on your business negatively, then you can take it up or create a new video for your services since you claimed the video is kind old as well. Because not all reported cases do go as desire, it may lead to both account restriction which is not a good thing…I hope this help you.
Thank you


I could help you with gig video creation if you do not mind…Thank you


Thanks! Send me your gig URL and I will take a look :slight_smile:


I offer video editing services on my account now but am good at explainer video and I can create gig video for you.
that is the link based on your request …Thank you


That’s probably a good decision you made.

Another seller, got their account restricted, facing possible expulsion for naively sending CS a request with subject matters clearly in contravention of the ToS - 3 warnings from fiverr


I had a similar problem with one picture. I simply wrote to this guy, that he must remove my picture, otherwise I will send him a strike! He removed my pic immediately :smirk:


Yesss that was what I though this guy will do, but instead, he began to acusse me LOL :face_with_raised_eyebrow::triumph: