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Another seller is using my logo & banner

Hello there.

I was looking for my own gig, because I wanted to see in which page of results it was listed and to my surprise I have found another seller who is using my own logo and banner (she just removed my user name from de fiverr URL). These ones was made by one of the top sellers from Fiverr @twistedweb123

What should I do? Should I contact CS for copyright infrigement?

Thank you!


yes you have to contact cs

Try both options. :smiley: :smiley:

Contact seller first and asked to remove.

Totally agreed with this reply. You should contact the seller first. Maybe he is a new seller, you should tell him/her to remove your banner otherwise you’ll submit a ticket to the CS.

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Thanks to all of you!

I’ll contact her and then wait until the weekend for her reply, otherwise I’ll contact CS.


  1. Send a Proposal for the seller stating the charges for creation of the logo and banner and if he accept that give it to the seller if he didn’t accept Contact fiverr CS and report
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