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Another seller reselling my work for profit - a few questions

Hey folks,

First time posting to this forum! I was made aware today that there is another Fiverr seller reselling one of my gig’s at a fairly high-profit margin on Fiverr. In my gig, I provide a YouTube channel optimization report, where I provide personalized tips and guides for the client to grow their viewer base.

The other seller is using another Fiverr account to buy this gig from me and selling it on another their other Fiverr account.

I checked their gig and noticed in their live portfolio, they show an example of the order delivery. The seller removed my name from the document and changed around the formatting a bit. Nonetheless, 90% of the document pretty much stolen and resold. I have 3 questions;

  • Is there any way I can prevent this in the future? Will non-editable PDFs solve this?
  • Will Fiverr CS do anything to help? I reached out to them earlier today and was told they’re looking into it.
  • If Fiverr CS takes down their gig, is there anything stopping them from coming back and saying I copied them? I’m worried this person will try to fool Fiverr CS. I really hope they look into these cases carefully.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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Well, to be honest, nothing was stolen. Buyers – even other sellers buying your work – are able to use whatever you deliver to them as they see fit. Unless you state otherwise in you gig description, your work becomes 100% theirs upon delivery. If it was purchased, it is theirs to do with as they see fit.

You could certainly try non-editable PDFs if you feel the need to do so, but, technically, nothing was stolen, and the buyer isn’t doing anything illegal. I can’t speak for CS, but, according to their own rules, they’ll probably tell you the same thing.

If there was no purchase, then the other seller would be breaking the law. But, since there was a purchase, and you delivered work, you no longer have rights to what was delivered to that buyer.

It is wrong, however, for any Fiverr user to have more than one account, regardless of the where or how the delivered work is being used.


If you are not happy with this other seller selling you work, you have two options:

  • Block them. This way, they won’t be able to order from you.
  • Add a commercial rights / resale rights extra to your gig and state in your FAQ section that other Fiverr sellers selling your work on need to purchase this.

I have other Fiverr sellers try to resell my work occasionally. The majority cause me problems. One buyer was reselling my $15 articles for $75, always asking for revisions, and asking for discounts! I rose my prices and told them they would need to pay extra for resale rights. That soon made them disappear.

Of course, you do need to weigh up whether the loss of business is worth it. In my case it was because I was spending far longer than I usually would on their projects.


Scuzzy yes, most likely

But business is almost always made of buying something and reselling it. Normally tho there is some sort of value add. So how is this person selling your thing for more $$. Don’t get mad, get even, or more than even and realize what you should be dong to sell your Gig for that higher price. This will probably close him down faster than anything as his margin disappears. That and he is probably too lazy to know how to outgun you.

You have been blessed finding this out as he just proved that you price too low :wink: