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Another seller stole my gig image

Hi guys,

I am hoping some of you might be willing to provide me with some feedback.

For each of my gigs, I have about three images which I rotate. I built those graphics from scratch using Canva. A seller from India just contacted me saying he can help me sell more product descriptions.

When I clicked on his profile, I saw he also has a product description gig and has as his thumbnail, one of my product description images. I told him I do not need his help to “sell more” and asked him to kindly take down my graphic.

He had the nerve to tell me he got the image from google and dared me to report him to Fiverr. Now, it’s a simple graphic that I did. That is not what is bothering me. It’s the principle behind it. Why do some sellers have to be so shady? I know everyone is eager to get more sales, but that’s no reason to resort to dishonest methods.

Should I even bother to report this guy?


how you can find those images!
I´m curious!! :no_mouth:

What do you mean how do I find those images?

yeah :slight_smile: through google?

you can contact the CS and reported to them, some one use my profile pic with all proof.

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Well, I just wrote them with screen grabs of my Canva workspace and of his seller profile. So we’ll see.

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Yeah I would report him to CS. It’s a violation of copyright rules I would think, to steal images. Even if you find a graphic on Google, it is not legal or ethical to steal graphics belonging to others.

I wish you luck! Must be very frustrating.

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I wouldn’t feel bad or anything about reporting. Sometimes I try to contact people beforehand, but if I don’t hear from them that day, I report them for copyright infringement. It’s super frustrating, I feel you there!

many seller used my gig image. I dont know what can i do this ?

It’s the first time I have encountered such a thing here, to be honest. However, I do get a lot of sellers writing me and just saying ‘hi’. I was wondering if they do that to get folks to click on their profile to try to raise their visibility on the platform? As I said, I can understand that everyone wants more business, but your strategy for trying to achieve more revenue should not be shady behaviour.

Well, I did ask him to take down the graphic, but he refused. First, he said he got it on Google and then he said he too had the source files. I do feel a bit bad about reporting him because I know he is trying to earn money online. But dishonesty is never the answer.

2 options.
1: Initiate a legal action by making a copyright claim.
2: Make yourself a new image then send them a custom offer for the rights to use your image.

Report him immediately.

I would contact the customer support about this. You probably need some sort of proof that you own the image though… I also do web design and in that business I know this is a major problem. People steal images from all over… It’s illegal and unethical, so if you encounter this you should report it. It’s not OK to steal other peoples intellectual property.

He is, in a way, making money off of YOUR work, and that is not OK unless you let him. It’s up to you, but I would report him.

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I did report the incident. No word from Fiverr yet.

Same thing happend with me .


Alright, folks, this was the response from Fiverr. I guess this is why I was initially wondering if I should bother reporting the matter.


Thank you for contacting us. With respect to your report, please provide us with the following information. We will then be able to forward your report to our Trust and Safety Team for review:

  1. A description of your copyrighted work and what is protected under the copyrights that you are referring to;
  2. Your copyrights certificate/designation and the type, e.g., registered trade mark, registered copyrights, etc.;
  3. A proof of your copyrights ownership, such as the registration number or a copy of the registration certificate;
  4. A short description of how the subscribers allegedly infringe on your copyrights;
  5. Clear reference to the infringing materials you are requesting to be removed, for example, the Gig url, a link to the deliverable provided to a user, etc.;
  6. Your complete name, address, and contact information;
  7. A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the copyright owner;
  8. Your electronic or physical signature.

Thank you

I think you might’ve selected the wrong option on the customer support form.

My gig images/descriptions get copied all of the time. Normally, I just send a quick ticket listing the offending gigs and they’re swiftly removed. For reference, I use: Trust and Safety -> Reporting Questionable Gigs (I’m guessing you selected Intellectual Property Claims, though).

@mrproofreading Actually, I deliberately avoided selecting Intellectual Property Claims. I selected gigs. Can’t remember the sub section I selected after that. Was not aware I should have selected Trust and Safety. One would have thought Fiverr support would have read my detailed email and looked at my screen grabs and at least redirected me to the right section?