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Another Seller Stole MY VIDEO and is using it to SELL I am infuriated! what to do!?

Another Seller Stole MY VIDEO and is using it to SELL I am infuriated! what to do!???

I am Lori Willis … NOT her! my seller profile is LERANE … you can see I am me!

I own http://www.FRAGGLESROCK Grrrr I am so upset

what would you other Fiverr sellers do?

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Contact customer support.

Be sure to add a screen shot when you do so.

You can also contact this fake seller and let her know that you have

found that your gig has been stolen.

Not sure how she would react though, but contacing CS would be best.

They might be able to remove that gig AND suspend her whole account.

Good luck!

This is what they said! They had the Gaul to say … but if I remove your video I won’t be on the front page of fiverr anymore!

WOW. I mean WOW.

Either this person REALLY believes she is doing nothing wrong, or just

plain stupid…or pretending to be one…in any case, WOW.

“I am honest person”

"Do not be sad"

Is she serious??? Honest people don’t steal, and it seems like she’s not

getting the fact that you are angry, not sad. Wow, amazing…some people

are just…woooooooooooow.

I think it’s time for you to report her.

Reply to @lerane: Absolutely report to Customer Support and demand they BAN the other seller! This is just ridiculous.

=)) Are they serious? Wow. Wow. Wow. Really, the gall!

Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all… wow! Please report this seller ASAP otherwise she will just do it to someone else.

The “dear” makes it even more infuriating. The ‘seller’ has obviously seen that people write “Dear Sir” in English and come to the conclusion that calling people ‘dear’ is correct usage. It would be comical in a different context. Report the idiot! dear. . .

Hahahaha WOW SUCH AN IDIOT! xD better report with your screenshots I hate those kind of people

I hope not only does this gig gets deleted, but her whole account closed.

Let us know what happened!

I guess some people would say “Well, they were so desperate for money, give

them a break,” but sorry, I won’t.

She seems to have 7 orders in queue. Using the video YOU made?

She really needs to get her own video.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Fiverr banned the thief and then put a redirect to lerane’s legitimate gig?!?

I know it’s fantasy to assume they’ll even remove the offending gig, let alone ban the crook, but if you’re gonna dream of justice, you may as well dream big! :wink:

I really do hope it gets sorted out.

@lerane Apologies if I mistake you with someone else, but I think this isn’t the first time someone stoles your video (again sorry if this is wrong)…so this draws me to the conclusion that AT LEAST your videos are so professional that people want to take advantage of them. Here’s something to cheer you up :slight_smile:

Besides contacting Customer Support as mentioned from many participants previously, I would suggest two extra solutions. I am sure you have heard that prevention is better than cure so here’s just my two cents

1.Create new videos from scratch. I can understand how frustrating it might be for anyone to make up, do their hair,dress nicely,learn by heart the sales pitch and so on but at least you will be given the chance to indirectly exposure the scam by saying that you have been stolen your video, that you are the original seller named x and so on. Do this at least to the gigs where you have more sales.I know it’s time consuming but at least you’ll prevent others from stealing any of your videos again.

2.Watermark ALL your videos (that’s easy and can be done online for free) with YOUR username and/or a mark that will distinguish you from any other seller trying to use it for profit

Anyway, this is more or less what I can think of, wish you the best of luck!


Just today I noticed that Two different epople offering the same movie intro gig!

What did I do? I can’t do anything. As I don’t know who owns the rights!

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Report both to Customer Support so they can look into it (if they care). It’s certainly possible that both sellers are aware - or even possibly the same person using two accounts (not allowed, by the way) - they may just be cashing in on laziness.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Yes,even i notice the same thing.I think they are fake.

Reply to @yessicandrea: Well they both have the same video playing. Same animation, text… same everything!

Who owns it??

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Wow - that really is insane - actually took your video with your name and all, then had the audacity to say ‘‘don’t be sad, but i need your video so i can stay on fiverr’s front page’’ o_O

Customer Support for sure… this is the type of seller that needs account deletion