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Another Seller threaten me from a fake buyer account

Hey everyone
I received a message from a buyer and she ask me for a custom order but before receiving my offer she want to know the technique i use to index my links but as all know on fiverr their is a lot of competition and only best can win so my work is advance and best but she forces me to tell my method and threaten me that she will report fiverr regarding that i am using blackhat techniques etc So what i do ? i can’t revel my techniques to anyone i am new on fiverr and i block her please give me your suggestions

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Contact support for for this issue.

Let me message them but i blocked her because i don’t want to lose my account i here fiverr support buyers only

Your instinct to block her was probably right. Not even a buyer should ever put you in a place where they are taking control of you and your business. I call that “remote control” There are many good buyers out there and they will come to you if you stay strong. The stress and anxiety is not worth your valuable time. You can always reach out to customer service. I blocked someone today who said, “can I ask something personal and you won’t judge?” I had no idea what this person needed and my “uh oh” feeling told me it wasn’t something legitimate. Trust yourself.

I am contacting support

Mark as spam next time

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You may not always get a fast response from CS so in the meantime just trust your instinct.

yeap that’s why i block her