Another sorry tale of lost levels (levels have been restored)


I received a message earlier saying my level 2 was being removed for “recent activity” I guess its a few cancellations where customers submitted malicious sites or refused to submit the order details and I had no choice but to do a mutual cancellation. Strangely enough all my levels were removed though and the number of mutual cancellations were very small in comparison to the number of of orders I was getting… I Sent support a message but I doubt I am going to hear back anytime soon with their massive backlog and I doubt I am going to get my levels back either so I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I am dreading my wife coming home from work as well. I just switched to doing this full time and there goes my income as most of my orders were gig extras… I just know I am going to get a “told you so” and torn to pieces… bad day all round and its going to be a bad weekend. Going to slink off and lick my wounds and work out what to do now.

My levels have definitely been removed and its not an error as they are gone from my account…


Looks like it was a mistake, you are still level 2 to me!


No, its not a mistake. The badge has gone from my account and all my gig extras have gone. If you look at any of my gigs you will see the badge has gone. It probably is still appearing here as the update has not migrated across yet. It will probably appear as a sheep in a few hours or if I disconnect from the forum


Mark you have been doing this for three years, and have been successful enough to be able to do this full time. That in itself is a blessing. You’ve done it once, and you can do it again. Just like you have dreams, so does your wife. I’m sure she sees the value in what you do because its paying the bills. Things fluctuate, but you know there’s money to be made because you’ve doing so for a good amount of time now. Support each other and stay strong no matter what goes on in your life. Even though your account still says Level 2, I was still inclined to say that just to keep you motivated. :slight_smile:


Reply to @markp: On my end, I still see your badge, and gig extras on your gigs. Stay positive, and stay on CS until something is resolved.


@musiclover That is very strange. I just logged out of my account and back in to verify this and I do not see any levels at all and since I did receive an e-mail from Fiverr I can only suppose it will be a while before anyone else sees this.


Mark, there is a known email glitch erronously telling folks their levels have been removed. Wait until CS responds … there’s a good chance nothing has happened.

Edit: I see all your extras and your badge.


@crcanny you are seeing a cached view of my account. they are definitely not there.


Since I’ve never visited your page before, I’m not sure how I could be viewing a cached version, but I wouldn’t give up yet … there is a known glitch going around that sends an email saying you are stripped of your levels and it might even show that, but they are soon restored. Look through the threads here, you’ll see a bunch of them.


Hi, Mark. I’m hoping, as has been stated, it’s just a glitch. I’m, currently, the sole provider & Fiverr is my main source income. I recently was able to start working it FT. I do understand the importance of this for you. I’ll hold a good thought for you. Please keep us updated.


@curvalicious Its not a glitch. I just got contacted by a buyer after placing an order asking where my gig extras have gone and why they cannot see them. For some reason though my badge shows here.


Mark have you spoke to the Customer Support team ?


@ozzieuk I sent them a message yesterday but I have had no reply at all so far. As you probably know though reply priority is based on levels as well and if all my levels have been removed as now definitely appears to be the case it is going to be a very long wait to get a reply at all.


What was your order to completed ratio? :slight_smile:


if you mean the number of cancellations. Three cancellations this month out of probably several hundred orders


Reply to @markp: How odd :o I have had that every single month. I doubt it is that, I am willing to wager they have picked up on something odd and they will sort it out!


@ryangillam I know its very strange and I cannot figure out what could have triggered this except two of the cancellation came on the same day as one guy submitted a hacking site and Fiverr cancelled that order and another buyer placed an order then refused to submit any details after requests to do so and I had to put in a mutual cancellation request which they accepted as soon as I put it through, so maybe its that, but as time goes on I think any hope of me getting my levels back are receding and are probably not very good, along with my sore eardrums as I just told my wife what happened.


I’m in the same boat as you are and I haven’t received any update from Fiverr yet.


I got my levels back!! For everyone who gave me support in this thread…thank you very, very much and it is deeply appreciated, you soon find out who your friends are when something like this happens and the silence from certain people was deafening. I am going to have a drink or two as I am seriously stressed out!


Awesome Mark glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

Keep gigging :slight_smile: